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This page is a translated version of the page Project Korikath and the translation is 10% complete.
Logo of Project Korikath in solidarity with the people of Gaza.

Project Korikath is a Wikimedia-based project working to bridge the knowledge gap in the open knowledge ecosystem of the Wikimedia movement in various formats. Especially, we work with visual knowledge by donating images in Wikimedia commons and utilising those in various projects of wikimedia. Under this project, the members identify places and monuments in their locality with Wikipedia entries that don't have quality images and do photowalks personally to provide those Wikipedia entries with images.

Project Korikath primarily focuses on donating media to the Wikimedia movement through the commons. We are also working with Wikipedia, Wikidata and other Wikimedia projects to ensure the highest usage of those media. The inclusion of all the locations, structures, and monuments in Wikimedia Commons is the primary driving force behind our effort—starting in our own city, of course. There are many Wikipedia entries that require photographs, but because those pages aren't as popular, people rarely upload images of them. We are beginning this effort in order to fill these gaps. Our project's initial focus is on locations, memorials, landmarks, culture, heritage, events and many more. However, we are eventually extending our work to every geographical landmark.

We want to make it possible for everyone to contribute to Commons by uploading photos of their surroundings while using the most basic camera-capable smartphone.

Currently, we are working in 12+ countries with 100+ volunteers in various domains of open knowledge.

Our mission is to ensure that every local place with Wikimedia entries has relevant images. We are trying our best with some enthusiastic young volunteers.


We are using two approaches to reach our goal. We have created a photography team with individuals who have expertise in photography, research, and documentation. With the help of this team, we are conducting Photowalks to cover our target scope.

Involving the general public in the project is yet another strategy. We are introducing them to Wikimedia Commons, providing them with training, and offering them support. We regularly arrange online and offline workshops in educational institutions, groups, and organizations to increase their interest. We are doing everything in our capacity to simplify the newcomer's experience in order for them to continue with the movement. On various topics, we are organizing monthly or yearly competitions.

Angkab om dimpoton dahai

Through this project, we want to exhibit the monuments, structures, and places embedded in the everyday lives of the people of Bangladesh. The word, "Korikath" (Bengali: কড়িকাঠ) means the wooden beam used to support the roof of one-story buildings in the traditional house-making of Bangladesh. The name suggests going beyond our limited spaces and exploring the world while helping the world population to take part in the expedition by contributing to open-source media repositories like Wikimedia Commons.

The main targets we have selected for this project are:

  • Capturing and inserting appropriate pictures in the articles related to monuments or landmarks of different countries that currently have no picture;
  • Capturing and inserting better pictures in the articles related to monuments or landmarks of different countries that need better quality pictures;
  • Promoting lesser-known structures all around the world by adding high-quality pictures;
  • To provide a friendly working environment by following the friendly space policy for the newcomers to Wikimedia Commons.
  • Utilizing media files in Wikipedia and other wikimedia projects.

Countries Covered

SDGs in focus

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Please let us know in the talk page or by pressing the button if you come across places in or near Dhaka that lack a picture In the commons. Following that, our Photography Team will take pictures of the selected location and upload them in the commons.

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