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Punjabi Wiki Workshop 13 June 2015

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Female editors of Punjabi Wikipedia

Punjabi Wiki Workshop was organized on 13 June 2015 at Punjabi University ,Patiala.


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  2. pa:User:Rupika08
  3. pa:User:Gupta Prianka
  4. pa:User:Jashanjot Kaur Sidhu
  5. pa:User:Gurpreet Singh Raghu
  6. pa:User:Nitesh Gill
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New Accounts Made[edit]

  1. pa:User: Gupta Prianka
  2. pa:User: Jashanjot Kaur Sidhu
  3. pa:User: Gurpreet Singh Raghu




  • On 13thJune "Punjabi Wiki Workshop" was organized in which workshop for new and old editors likewise was held.
  • The purpose of this workshop was to acquaint new editors with the overall scope of Wikipedia, its policies and practices including its most useful features and resources.
  • The day-long workshop intended to address the difficulties and challenges faced by new editors while contributing to Wikipedia and editing its pages.
  • Three new editors created accounts on Punjabi Wikipedia and commenced their wiki journey with varied short edits and creation of new articles.
  • Gupta Prianka created her first article on Richard Wagner in Punjabi Wikipedia.
  • Jashanjot Kaur Sidhu created an article on Samba and editted an article.
  • Gurpreet Singh Raghu created an article on Jacques Cartier and editted an article too.
  • Wikipedia is an invaluable destination for millions of Internet users seeking information. However, only a small fraction of Wikipedia’s legion of volunteer editors is female. The large gender gap among editors reflects the gender-oriented disparity in the content of Wikipedia’s articles. So a discussion was done about Wikipedia and how gender gap present in the Wikipedia can be eradicated and different viewpoints of members were exchanged on how gender equality could be brought by encouraging more women editors to work on Wikipedia in order to close this gender gap, thus increasing the amount of edits by bringing in more women editors as well as motivating the present women editors to work on wikipedia actively.
  • After the group brainstorming it was decided that in order to address this issue a series of workshops and women-centric training sessions must be organized in future so that some day Gender equality could be made into reality with collective efforts of everyone.