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Punjabi Wikipedia One on One Workshops

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Punjabi Wikipedia has done a lot of One on One Workshops in the past. Here is a list of editors that came to edit Wikipedia as a result of some of these workshops.

Parveer Grewal[edit]

Satdeep Gill taught him to type Punjabi and edit Wikipedia when he bought a laptop last year. He corrected grammatical mistakes for a month. Then he was taught to create a new article and he created an article on Christopher Marlowe. Since then he has created hundreds of articles related to Law and Politics. Recently he won 5th prize in Monuments of Spain Challenge. He helped in organizing Punjabi Wikipedia Article Writing Competition 2014. Now he is a sysop (administrator) on Punjabi Wikipedia as well. He recently represented Punjabi Wikipedia at Swatantra 2014 in Kerala.

Gaurav Jhammat[edit]

Gaurav Jhammat was taught to edit Wikipedia by Satdeep Gill. He editing for a while in March 2014. Since the Article Writing Competition started on 1st November 2014, he has been real active. He created 30 articles in the month of November 2014. Now he is going to be one of the representatives of Punjabi Wikipedia in Bengali Wikipedia Conference 9-10 January 2015.

Rupika Sharma[edit]

Username:Rupika08 also came to know about Punjabi Wikipedia after a conversation with Satdeep Gill. She doesnt like making stub articles and most of the time she translates the whole big article from English to Punjabi. She is helping in filling the Gender Gap. She created some specific articles about Indira Nooyi, Angelina Jolie and Cake.

Param Munde[edit]

When Satdeep Gill saw that Param Munde posted articles related to Physics on a Facebook Group, he contacted him. They had an hour long conversation and the result was that Param created 7 articles related to Physics in the month of November 2014

Dr. Manavpreet Kaur[edit]

Manavpreet Kaur is a PhD in Forensic Science. She was contacted by Satdeep Gill to participate in the competition and she agreed. As a result she installed Indic tools to learn typing and then she created 7 articles related to Forensic Science.

Nitesh Gill[edit]

Satdeep Gill taught her to edit Wikipedia in the month of November 2014. She has also created some gender specific articles such as Kajjal.

Grewal Pawan[edit]

Parveer Grewal taught his own sister to edit Wikipedia in the past. She created 10 articles in the month of November and all of them related to Dishes.

Sidakpreet Singh[edit]

Username:Heysidak is a computer enthusiast who is currently living in Ranchi but his mother tongue is Punjabi. When he got to know about the project from the Facebook event page of the Competition, he asked for a thing or two from Satdeep and started editing. He created 9 new articles in November 2014.

Randeep Anttal[edit]

Parveer Grewal taught his friend and classmate Randeep to edit Wikipedia recently. He taught him all the steps to edit and supervised while he created his first article on Honey Singh. In all he created 6 articles in November 2014.


Satdeep Gill went to Stalinjeet and Gurlal Maan's Hostel room and taught them both to edit Wikipedia. Stalinjeet created 7 new articles in November 2014. He continued editing even after the competition was over.

Gurlal Maan[edit]

Gurlal and Stalinjeet learnt to edit together. Gurlal created 4 articles in the month of November and has edited after that as well.

Keshav Sharma[edit]

Username:Keshu was told about everything related to Wikipedia by Satdeep Gill and Charan Gill jointly. Charan Gill helped him create his first article. He edited around 16 articles in November 2014.

Dr. klara[edit]

Dr. klara is a homoeopathic doctor residing in Patiala. She was taught jointly by Satdeep Gill and Charan Gill. She is keen on working with more dedication in the future.

Arpit Chawla[edit]

Username:ਅਰਪਿਤ ਚਾਵਲਾ was taught about Wikipedia by Satdeep Gill. He created 5 articles in November 2014 and has been active after that as well.

Pratyush Sharma[edit]

30 Dec. 2014 : Username:PratyushSharma7 was taught about the Wiki Movement and how he can contribute by Satdeep Gill. He was given step by step instruction and then he created his first article about American Wrestler Randy Orton.

Lillotama Valecha[edit]

15 Jan. 2015 : Satdeep Gill helped Lillotama Valecha (Username:Lillotama) to create her account on Punjabi Wikipedia. She is a student of English and Mathematics and will be creating articles related to these subjects. Interestingly her first article was about a cocktail drink named Jägermeister.

Ankita Khurana[edit]

16 Jan. 2015 : Username:AnkuKhurana was helped by Satdeep Gill in creating her account. She has a keen interest in Economics and Current Affairs. She created her first article on the India-US relationship.

Bhupinder Khokhar[edit]

28 Jan. 2015 : Satdeep helped Bhupinder Khokhar in creating his user account on Punjabi Wikipedia. Bhupinder has interests in articles related to villages. Today he improved an article on a village of Mansa District named Kulrian. He wishes to improve all the articles on the villages of Mansa District.