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QW2022 Conference Community Engagement Survey


The online survey can be entered using this link. Your email address or IP address will not be logged in the survey results.

If you prefer not to use Google Forms, please cut & paste the text of the same questions below into an email with a subject line of Survey and send it in confidence to qw2022(_AT_)wmlgbt.org. The sending email address will not be retained.

The survey will close at 23:59 UTC on 21 January 2022. The results will become part of the conference grants proposal. Spoiled responses will not be counted.




Queering Wikipedia 2022 Conference Community Engagement Survey

The purpose of this survey is to help QW2022 conference organizers plan a global conference for the LGBTQ+ community.

Your responses will help organizers understand what level of demand there is for the event (how many people in your community think it is important that the event happens) and assess consensus on what topics are important to this community. You can preview the draft conference proposal at QW2022/Proposal.

When responding to this survey, your identity or email is not tracked or retained by the QW2022 team or anyone else. If you would like to be on our contact list for early registration, information and volunteer roles, please sign the draft proposal as a supporter, or email the team in confidence.



1. If you join a local event during QW2022 would it be to:
a: Be able to use high-speed internet connections for video conferencing?
b: Meet and socialise with local LGBTQ+ Wikimedia volunteers?
c: Feel more engaged and recognised as part of the global conference?
d: Ask questions in person and have some coaching with experienced users?

2. What social activities or sessions do you think are important to include at LGBTQ+ community events?
Select the two types of activities that are most important to you.
a: Project presentations or panel discussions
b: Special interest groups and best practice sharing meetups
c: Editathons, group or virtual tours or social events
d: Votes on policies, resolutions and set WMF priorities to support the global LGBTQ+ volunteer community
e: Other…

3. Are there important topics that your local LGBTQ+ community needs to discuss in person? The proposal includes funding for local "nodes" for this reason.
Please limit your response to 3 topics, listed in order of importance (1=most important).

4. How would you prioritize the time we spend together at the conference?
You may rank a maximum of two choices as 'high priority'.
(N) Not important
(L) Low priority
(M) Medium priority
(H) High priority
a: Strategic conversations: discussing issues affecting your community that need to be resolved	
b: Working groups: working on projects that are difficult to plan online	
c: Capacity building: learning skills that will help your community achieve its goals	
d: Community building: meeting people, learning about new projects, sharing your talents, and having fun

5. Are there projects that your LGBTQ+ community needs to work on in-person? For each project you name, please share tasks that are difficult to do online which should be done in-person.
Please limit your response to 3 topics, listed in order of importance (1=most important).

6. QW2022 is planned to be a global virtual event with physical optional local events or "nodes", what do you most like and dislike about this format?

7. What is the most important goal, problem, or obstacle you think the global Wikimedia LGBTQ+ community should focus on in the next 12 months?

8. Why is this goal, problem or obstacle most important? 

9. What does your community need to do at an in-person or virtual gathering to achieve that goal?

10. Are there skills that you think are important for you or your community to learn that would help you achieve this goal?
If yes, please limit your response to three skills, listed in order of importance (1=most important).