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2. Quality. The quality of information provided by our projects is in general good, and is continually improving. Nonetheless, we need to do everything we can to ensure what we're offering people is consistently excellent. The goal of the "Quality" Working Group will be to make sure our materials are as high-quality as possible. Some Sub-Group mandates might include:


How can we effectively and scalably work with institutions that control the copyright for educational/informational materials, to encourage them to release those materials under a free license?[edit]

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How can we effectively and scalably work with academic institutions and other organizations with subject-matter-expertise, to encourage them to help improve the quality of the material we provide?[edit]

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How can we better prevent editing that hurts quality (e.g., vandalism and malicious edits), and fix it when it occurs?[edit]

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How can we encourage readers to help us identify poor quality material, and once it is reported, how can we best get it assessed and fixed?[edit]

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