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Please refer to Queering Wikipedia/Scholarships for the landing page for conference scholarships. This page was part of the creation of the on-line application form and has been superceeded by that process.

Text for information only, please follow the current link for scholarships information

Questions for the scholarship application form[edit]

Applications for scholarships are not open yet. This form summarizes the agreed questions for the application form, but it is not the application form itself!

Application forms will be completed via confidential Google document forms, initially accessed by the scholarships assessment team for review and prioritization. Successful applicants information is shared with Wikimedia Austria to aid with VISA applications, coordination and travel booking. Personal information is limited to necessary WMAT and WMF employees and the scholarships team. Questions in italics below will be further limited to those needing the information for travel booking and to support visa applications and are not part of the scholarship assessment.

If you would like help discussing your application, for example, if you are not confident writing in English, please email the scholarships team so that we can assist. Refer to Queering_Wikipedia/Team.

  1. Personal data
    Name, surname and gender for travel purposes
    Passport number or travel ID
    Date of birth
    Will you need an invitation letter to come to Linz, Austria?
    Are you applying for a full scholarship or partial?
    Special requirements
    Country (or location) travelling from
  2. User Name on Wikimedia projects, preferred name and pronoun for the conference
  3. If you are a regular Wikimedia project contributor:
    Have you previously joined international or Wikimedia affiliate (chapters, user groups) events? If yes, please list the most relevant
    What are the Wikimedia projects you are most active on?
    Brief description of your activities on Wikimedia projects, especially the ones related to LGBT+ topics. Please add a link to a profile page if it helps
  4. Description of activities related to LGBT+ topics outside Wikimedia (if any)
  5. Description of cultural background and LGBT+ identity you would like to share and may add to the diversity of viewpoints at the conference
  6. Do you intend to give a presentation or any other kind of activity? If yes, please give a brief description (structure, goal, and theme)
  7. Why are you interested in participating in the Queering Wikipedia conference and what are your expectations?
  8. How do you plan to apply what you gain/learn from the conference?

Frequently asked questions[edit]

Under review

  1. Who are the scholarships team?
    (Link TBC)
  2. What is a partial scholarship?
    Full scholarships cover travel, accommodation and local expenses for the 4 days of the conference. Partial scholarships may be requested to cover part or none of the travel costs, for example, you may wish to limit your claim for local train or flight connections if you are planning to take a holiday in Europe at the same time.
  3. What does "cultural background and LGBT+ identity" mean?
    An aim of the conference is to represent a wide diversity in attendees by geographic cultures, genders and LGBT+ identification. It would help the conference organizers to know more about our participants to know whether we are reasonably representing the interests of people with a background in non-European or minority cultures and the views of as many LGBT+ and queer-identifying groups as possible. For example, if you grew up gay in Bolivia but now work in Norway, or when at home you speak Scottish Gaelic, your background would be great to add to your application.
  4. Will I be able to get a scholarship when staying longer, like visiting relatives before flying back?
    Yes. There may be many reasons that travel to or from the conference might be deferred and these plans should be included in the application.
  5. Can I stay anonymous and get a scholarship?
    Only the scholarships team and travel and financial administration within WMAT and the WMF will need to be provided with real-life identities to ensure funds are correctly used, but conference attendees are not required to attend using those details and may remain pseudonymous by using their Wikimedia account names and preferred pronouns. If being connected to an LGBT+ event may put you at legal risk, please email the scholarships team in confidence before making an application.