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Using Quick Surveys (WMF Staff ONLY.. for now)[edit]

For WMF staff, find below the general process for what to expect when using the tool.

  • Schedule/Request the survey (where?)
  • Learn the kinds of questions you can ask
  • One question multiple choice, single select
  • Linking out to another service (google/qualtrics)
  • Determine the question you need to ask, to whom (readers, editors)
  • Get legal review + privacy policy
  • QuickSurvey prep (e.g. Event logging, survey link out etc.)
  • Notify community (village pump?)
  • Run test survey + analyze
  • Run full survey + analyze
  • Reporting & Documentation
  • How to request updates or changes to the tool

How do I set up a Quick Survey?[edit]

If you need engineering support for quicksurveys, contact Anne Gomez who can guide you through the process.

Configuring an external survey (e.g. linking to google forms, qualtrics)[edit]

$wgQuickSurveysConfig = [
        'enabled' => true,
        'type' => 'external',
        'name' => 'growth-study-screener-survey',
        'question' => 'ext-quicksurveys-growth-external-survey-question',
        'description' => 'ext-quicksurveys-growth-external-survey-description',
        'link' => 'ext-quicksurveys-growth-external-survey-link', // The link content must use "https".
        'coverage' => 0.01, // 1% of pageviews will see the survey.
        'audience' => [
            'anons' => true,
        'platforms' => [
            'desktop' => [ 'stable' ],
            'mobile' => [ 'stable' ]
        'privacyPolicy' => 'ext-quicksurveys-growth-external-survey-privacy-policy',

Configuring your survey[edit]

Requires staff rights on the project that you would like to implement quick surveys, in order to populate the messages. Each message corresponds to a page in the Mediawiki namespace, for example the message key ext-quicksurveys-example-internal-survey-question maps to the page https://en.wikimedia.org/wiki/MediaWiki:ext-quicksurveys-example-internal-survey-question .

The configuration structure is documented in extension.json, but an example is given here:

$wgQuickSurveysConfig = [
        'enabled' => true,
        'type' => 'internal',
        'layout' => 'yesno',
        'name' => 'perceived-performance-survey',
        'question' => 'ext-quicksurveys-performance-internal-survey-question',
        'answers' => [
        'coverage' => 0.01, // 1% of pageviews will see the survey.
        'platforms' => [
            'desktop' => [ 'stable' ],
        'privacyPolicy' => 'ext-quicksurveys-performance-internal-survey-privacy-policy',
        'shuffleAnswersDisplay' => true,

What data do all quick surveys collect?[edit]

QuickSurveys is currently set up to collect one question and response options, but the tool captures additional data. See https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Schema:QuickSurveysResponses Page title - the page title the survey appeared on Page ID - the ID of the page title Survey Code Name - the name of the survey Survey Response Value - which option the user selected Platform - whether web, mobile, or app Presentation - web skin userLanguage - Language of the survey isLoggedIn - whether user is logged in editCountBucket - how many edits the user has countryCode - Geolocation by country

How is that data captured?[edit]

The data from quick surveys is captured in tables which are stored in EventLogging. Event logging is a tool that allows us to create tables for any type of action we want on MediaWiki software. For example, we can use EventLogging to measure how many visitors did not click on our banners.

In order to save the data in EventLogging, you must create a schema. A schema is the structure of the data that you wish to capture. For example, if I want to know which pages people are visiting, my schema would have Page title and user information. You can find a complete list of all the schemas at Research:Schemas.

Who are the engineers working on Quick Surveys?[edit]

Currently only staff can use Quick Surveys. If you have questions about your Quick Survey, message agomez@wikimedia.org Post tasks, bugs to Reading-Web on Phabricator for questions Can also tag QuickSurveys project