Requests for comment/A bureaucrat which supports a troll in the Hebrew Wikipedia

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The following request for comments is closed. I have closed this RFC to prevent abusive behavior by RFC opener, said user is now globally locked.

Hebrew Wiki pages[edit]

Users involved[edit]


The RFC is to revoke all the permissions in the HeWP of the account:Dovno, including Wikipedia:New pages patrol/Reviewers and Wikipedia:Autopatrolled.
The reason: The account is not safe.


The issue raised while discussing נעם דובב talk page. The account mentioned me although I was not involved with נעם דובב. I have not written in the HeWP mainspace since 7 October 2021.
The account violated the rule of the "dead horse" when it mentioned me, and resulted a reaction of who was a troll. The troll was blocked in the HeWP on 6 May 2007 for being a troll.
I requested the account to remove its words as well as the following words of the troll, but it did not do so. It also did not reply when I tagged it in the Meta administrators' page.
On 20 January 2022 Administrator דגש blocked as a troll.
On 10 December 2021, wrote in the talk page of an article, that I wrote about in a talk page of a user in Meta, although I wrote about a website which violated copyrights, not about
The website was made by Halemo. Therefore was Halemo.
Afterwards, in Wikidata, wrote on 18 December 2021: "Therefore Doriano delenda est", and wrote it twice in two places: 1, 2. The meaning was: "Therefore Dorian must be destroyed".
The account also wrote similar words in the talk page of ביקורת: "Carthago delenda est".
In conclusion, the account opposed every CU of mine, which dealt with the troll. It opposed also block requests of the troll as well as deleting edits which the troll did in the HeWP when it had been blocked.
The account also repeatedly requested my blocking in the HeWP RFC due to my applications in the SRG, which most of them were accepted, because the troll was a troll.
As a result, the account is not eligible to have any permission, because it continuously supports this specific troll, although it wrote it the HeWP RFC that the troll hounded me endlessly. The account also tagged a specific steward in the HeWP RFC instead of applying SRG. Another HeWP user applied the SRG and but declined immediately. It was the reason why the account canvassed all the discussions into the HeWP RFC instead of applying here. Therefore the account is not safe. DgwTalk 17:55, 24 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]