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Requests for comment/Bureaucrat abuse of vote in Belarusian Classical Wikipedia

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Hi! How are you? On July 29th, the local bureaucrat closed the vote on electing the administrator 10 days after the start of the vote (w:be-tarask:Вікіпэдыя:Адміністрацыя#Удзельнік:W), although the local rule sets the term of voting at 2 weeks (w:be-tarask:Вікіпэдыя:Галасаваньні). In the summary, the bureaucrat refused to take the preliminary result of the vote into account, which is 5 votes in support & 1 against, that is enough for the election, according to the local rule on voting, mentioned above. Is it possible for a steward to enforce the result of the election vote, as the local resolution cannot be achieved? Best wishes,--W (talk) 12:24, 30 July 2023 (UTC)[reply]

The reasons for the close have been provided in the local project. The closure is based on the local rules and the results of corresponding discussion. --Kazimier Lachnovič (talk) 19:47, 9 August 2023 (UTC)[reply]
Hi! How are you? Unfortunately my opponent blatantly lies here about the local rules, that he continues to violate in Belarusian Classical Wikipedia during the vote on introducing term limits for admins, like himself (w:be-tarask:Вікіпэдыя:Галасаваньні/Правіла абраньня адмінаў). I hope that stewards can give their opinions on the matter in a swift manner. Best wishes,--W (talk) 16:05, 13 October 2023 (UTC)[reply]