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Requests for comment/Global Wikidata Bots

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Global Wikidata Bots

This page will not be used but should be retained.

There are still around 1 million articles across all language Wikipedias that contain interwiki links (some on protected pages) which are being moved to Wikidata. Bots have been set up to migrate all of these links but they cannot remove the links from protected articles. These bots are used to reduce human error while migrating to Wikidata as well as to speed up the process and save on man hours.


It is proposed that a new global group will be created with the name "Global Wikidata bots". This will allow the bots that get assigned to the proposed group to edit protected pages on projects in the wikiset. The wikiset will only include Wikipedia projects which opt-in.

The new global group would contain all of the permissions that are currently in the Global bot group as well as the editprotected flag.

"Global Wikidata bot" access should be requested on Steward requests/Bot status. To qualify for access, the bot must already be active on several wikis, with long-term contributions to back up its trustworthiness. Since it is proposed that projects can require that they need to assent to a request first, requests should include links to places where the bot owner has informed these wikis.

This proposal does not mean:

  • All bots on Wikidata will be able to edit protected pages on all wikis
  • All global bots will be able to edit protected pages on all wikis

RFC procedure[edit]

The request for comments about the establishment of a new global group "Global Wikidata bots" will last 2 weeks, from 10 to 24 June (proposed). All Wikipedias will be notified of it via (insert here: EdwardsBot, CentralNotice??). If the result is in favour of creating the group, it will be created; and notices will be sent out to all Wikipedias (drafted here) that it is proposed that they opt-in to this group. If there is no response on a Wikipedia within 1 month after the notification, it will be taken as "no objection". Of course, wikis can start an opt-in discussion also before they are notified.

The local opt-in decisions will be listed (below) and the opting-in wikis be added to the wikiset for this group. Wikis can decide to opt-in to the global group and require that every "Global Wikidata bot" request be presented to them before it can be granted.

Comments below[edit]

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Local Discussions[edit]

Pending discussions[edit]

  • examplewiki - [1] - Closing 10th July, 2013 00:00 UTC (NOTE: this is not a real RFC, but just an example)

1 - Fully Opt-in[edit]

The local project community blanket approves all Wikidata bots and does not need to be informed.

  • ...

2 - Opt-in with Local approval[edit]

The local project community needs to be informed about the bot operator and has the ability to object the global bot approval.

  • ...

3 - Fully Opt-out[edit]

  • testwiki - [2]
  • test2wiki - [3]