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Requests for comment/Indefinite block the user:6AND5 in the armenian Wikipedia

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The following request for comments is closed. Block removed --Hayordi (talk) 16:51, 31 December 2016 (UTC)[reply]

The list has been transferred from another page. (last update - 14.11.2016)


My comments[edit]

The woman sysop - Lilit offered to remove my block (November, 2015), one of the user began the attacks against her, another user began to discuss her life. When one of the user said that it is impossible with such a tone to speak with her, started to attack him, and so on, when in armenian Wikipedia does not work the laws, what to say? Why on meta (Armenian users who want to have removed the indefinite block with the user:6AND5 in the Armenian Wikipedia) to vote for withdrawal, and in armenian Wikipedia don't vote. Who blocked me everywhere screaming name of Susanna Mkrtchyan (in addition this sysop said will leave (go away) from Wikipedia, if they unblock me). Why one of member of WMAM says that Wikipedia is a war field and the sysop, who blocked me indefinitely like a warrior should not leave the battlefield.

  • Аrmenian Wikipedia its now (February, 2016) has 9 sysops. 5 of them do not say what they think about blocking.

2 against a permanent block, 2 support the permanent block, one of them is the user for which I opened the request in 18 june 2015 [2], and this user (Pandukht[3]) in June 2015 is a elected by the administrator, who had so many accounts in the russian Wikipedia- w:ru:user:Elegant's, w:ru:user:Wiki93, w:ru:user:Armenian Baron, w:ru:user:Artsakh, w:ru:user:Azatamartik, w:ru:user:Sen Kardaş, w:ru:user:İlham Əliyev,w:ru:user:Aralez, w:ru:user:Huso Astgh, w:ru:user:Mesrop09, w:ru:user:Wikibomb, w:ru:user:Վիքի93, w:ru:user:Wikistreet, w:ru:user:Armen iz Urartu, w:ru:user:Mesrop10, w:ru:user:Арцах Микаэлян, w:ru:user:Mesrop08, and in armenian Wikipedia - w:hy:user:Elegant's, w:hy:user:Wiki93, w:hy:user:Aralez, w:hy:user:Арцах Микаэлян, w:hy:user:Armenian Baron, w:hy:user:Wikistreet.

Another, who blocked me, had a conflict with me 4 wikiprojects.--6AND5 (talk) 17:15, 23 February 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Petition for unblocking[edit]

Please help to unblock. This is the law by which it was decided that the administrator having a conflict with the user, can't block it -(Wikipedia/Poll/Block).--6AND5 (talk) 18:28, 23 February 2016 (UTC)[reply]