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Requests for comment/Large-scale errors at Malagasy Wiktionary/100

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The following 100 entries were randomly drawn from all non-Malagasy lemmas on mg.wikt. Of the 100, all were created by automated programs. Only 1 entry (mg:wikt:aektes) had ever been definitively edited by an actual user, and that user lists themself as mg-0 on their user page, so none of the entries have ever been edited by Malagasy speakers.

I (Metaknowledge) assessed all the entries, attempting to do so in a consistent manner, based on my experience as an admin on en.wikt for eight years. I did not expect to see information like gender, inflection, pronunciation, etymology, or the like, but I did look for accuracy and completeness of definitions, the part of speech listed, and romanisations for non-Latin scripts. My final authority on Malagasy definitions is the collected dictionaries accessible through the Malagasy Dictionary and Encyclopedia of Madagascar.

Entry Correct and usable? Problems, if any
mg:wikt:-bivu No Defined as "mature, aged, ripe"; should be "ripe". Redundant to mg:wikt:bivu. Definition not linked.
mg:wikt:-kɛsɛnisa No Defined as "vomit"; should be "to make different". Definition not linked.
mg:wikt:Ariane Yes Broken template in definition.
mg:wikt:abschneiden No Defined as "to cut with scissors, have one's hair cut"; should be "to cut off, truncate". Definition not linked.
mg:wikt:aedicula No Defined as "room (in a house)"; should be "small room; small house; small temple".
mg:wikt:aektes Partially Defined with various species of lizard; should be "lizard" (in general). Version created by bot had an incorrect headword, fixed by a human editor. Definition not linked.
mg:wikt:alaedje Partially Defined as "habit, custom"; missing some senses. Definitions not linked.
mg:wikt:ależ No Defined as "why"; should be "but, until, as long as, except". Not marked as archaic.
mg:wikt:anderes Partially Defined correctly, but should be an inflected form rather than a lemma.
mg:wikt:antzeman Partially Defined as "to perceive instantly"; should be "to notice".
mg:wikt:anód No SV entry is misspelt; duplicate of correct entry, which is at mg:wikt:anod.
mg:wikt:artzain Partially Only has the sense "shepherd", not "priest". Definition not linked.
mg:wikt:atooʼ Partially Missing senses "juice, stew, gravy". Definition not linked.
mg:wikt:aviža Yes
mg:wikt:baːy Yes Definition not linked.
mg:wikt:bewässern Yes
mg:wikt:breag No Defined as "caught in a lie"; should be "lie, falsehood, fiction". Definition not linked.
mg:wikt:bydlit Partially Defined correctly, but should be marked as dated. Definition not linked.
mg:wikt:bétzan No Defined as "to"; should be "to sharpen; to trick".
mg:wikt:catalepsis No Defined as "hanging"; should be "catalepsy".
mg:wikt:chronicon No Defined as "story, tale"; should be "chronicle".
mg:wikt:collective Partially LA entry is inflected form of a nonexistent entry. FR entry does not note that it is the feminine singular form.
mg:wikt:concipiëren No Defined as "to predict, to divine"; should be "to conceive".
mg:wikt:czcionka Yes
mg:wikt:divjina No Defined as "region"; should be "wilderness". HR should be marked as an obsolete spelling. HR definition not linked.
mg:wikt:dolk No Defined as "sword" in most entries; should be "dagger". The entry is a mess: 2 (duplicated) sections for each of NB, DA, and SV; an extra section at the end that should part of the DA section; 3 of the entries are in English and have not even been translated into Malagasy.
mg:wikt:dévloper Yes
mg:wikt:escriptura No Defined as "to be done"; should be "writing".
mg:wikt:geruchten No Presents definitions of singular form at plural, as if it were a lemma form.
mg:wikt:hegyszoros No Defined as "to chop"; should be "mountain pass".
mg:wikt:instituto No EO defined as "religion"; should be "institute". LA is correct, but incomplete.
mg:wikt:jim Partially Correct case not specified in CS entry. VO entry lacking definition. "Nisenan" not capitalised. Some definitions not linked.
mg:wikt:kiisu Partially Defined as "cat, kitty"; should be "kitten, kitty".
mg:wikt:konopia Yes Less common form, but not marked as such.
mg:wikt:lapsus No Formatting error caused FI entry to be grouped into CS entry without any clear delineation.
mg:wikt:lordedzino No Defined as "madam"; seemingly should be "lord's wife", but the word does not seem to actually be used.
mg:wikt:lulëzoj No Defined as "time of development/blooming"; should be "to bloom, flourish, thrive".
mg:wikt:magnifiek Yes
mg:wikt:majemuk No Defined as "yard"; should be "compound [adj.]".
mg:wikt:mannanáigi No Defined as "pass"; should be "past".
mg:wikt:mau chóng Yes
mg:wikt:merendina Probably Defined as "light [i.e. not heavy] meal"; should be "snack".
mg:wikt:merogoh No Defined as "to look for"; should be "to grope in a bag or pocket".
mg:wikt:merogoh No Defined as "to look for"; should be "to grope in a bag or pocket".
mg:wikt:mimusí No Definition seems to be incorrect, but this is an obscure conlang, so it is difficult to be certain. Part of speech is incorrect.
mg:wikt:nicht No CSB defined as "person"; should be "nobody". NL and FY not clearly specified as being feminine only. Broken wikilink (missing opening brackets). Some definitions not linked.
mg:wikt:nivssat Yes
mg:wikt:pelampiasan Yes
mg:wikt:portada No OC defined as "stick, cudgel", CA as "blanket, covering", ES as "front, be in front", PT as "in front of, side"; none of these are correct.
mg:wikt:privjesak No Defined as various translations of French pendant, often in the wrong part of speech ("hanging, during"); should be "pendant; appendage".
mg:wikt:profyt Yes Definition not linked.
mg:wikt:qohum Partially Defined as "friend, ally, (close) relative"; should be "relative, kinsman".
mg:wikt:recuento No Defined in English rather than Malagasy.
mg:wikt:restaurang Yes Broken wikilink (missing opening brackets).
mg:wikt:sagir Yes RM not labelled for dialect. See also template misplaced. Definition not linked.
mg:wikt:separation Yes Definition not linked.
mg:wikt:sisään No Defined with a noun and a preposition, and labelled a noun; should be an adverb.
mg:wikt:snemma Yes
mg:wikt:sorti No NRF section defined as "to descend, shorten, bring down, come down"; should be "to go out". SV definition not linked.
mg:wikt:sughje No Wrong part of speech, but correct definition.
mg:wikt:turbinatus Yes
mg:wikt:twinkelen No Defined as "to wink, to blink, a wink"; should be "to twinkle".
mg:wikt:unoften Yes
mg:wikt:yarrayn Yes "Wiradhuri" should be capitalised.
mg:wikt:yas̈htijka mo'sojko Unclear Correct translation of en.wikt entry, which may be in turn be incorrect (sent to be verified).
mg:wikt:ĉiamulo No Defined as "customer"; should be "regular [customer]".
mg:wikt:şebşebok Partially Defined as various words for "flying fox"; should be "bat" in general. Definitions not linked.
mg:wikt:временная шкала No Defined as "historical record"; should be "timeline". No romanisation. Definition not linked.
mg:wikt:гимназия Yes Definitions are correct, but potentially confusing; both BG and RU have same meaning, but are defined using different terms.
mg:wikt:запечатува No Defined as the noun "stamp, seal"; should be the verb "to seal".
mg:wikt:инсульт No Defined as a seeming nonsense word with only 1 (!) Google hit independent of Wiktionary. No romanisation. Definition not linked.
mg:wikt:кічік Partially Not romanised.
mg:wikt:лазить Partially Defined using a noun, despite being a verb; missing sense "to creep". Definition not linked.
mg:wikt:майлы бояу No Defined as "oil, fat"; should be "oil paint". No romanisation.
mg:wikt:племя Partially Defined as "tribe"; missing senses "race, family, breed". BE entry has no romanisation.
mg:wikt:провозгласи́ть Partially Defined as "to acclaim"; missing sense "to proclaim, declare". The use of the acute accent is inconsistent. No romanisation.
mg:wikt:урмат Partially Not all definitions clearly mean "attention", but none are heavily misleading. No romanisation. Definitions not linked.
mg:wikt:אַלְפָא Partially No romanisation.
mg:wikt:בהדרגה No Definition appears to be nonsense; should be "gradually". No romanisation.
mg:wikt:ઓર્કેસ્ટ્રા Partially Defined with a general word that can mean "music, orchestra, brass band"; should be "orchestra".
mg:wikt:દાંતિયો Partially No romanisation. Definition not linked.
mg:wikt:గ్రెనేడ్ Partially No romanisation.
mg:wikt:సౌధము Partially No romanisation.
mg:wikt:കുറുക്കന്‍ Partially Basically equivalent; unclear if Malagasy and Malayalam words refer to different species. No romanisation. Definition not linked.
mg:wikt:ขวา No Defined as "suitable, right, just, only"; should be "right side". Wrong part of speech. No romanisation. Definition not linked.
mg:wikt:ကတ်ကြေး Partially No romanisation. Definitions not linked.
mg:wikt:ဗီယက်နမ် No Defined as "Vietnamese" and classed as an adjective; should be the proper noun "Vietnam". No romanisation.
mg:wikt:ဝန်စည်စလယ် Partially No romanisation.
mg:wikt:ប្រផេះ No Wrong part of speech. No romanisation. Definition not linked.
mg:wikt:ᬲᬾᬢ᭄ᬭ No Defined as "grave"; should be "graveyard, cemetery". No romanisation. ID entry is erroneous, as Balinese script is not used.
mg:wikt:ḡukhu No Defined as "crest [of a rooster], fin"; should be "ridge, path". Definition not linked.
mg:wikt:たるき Partially Defined correctly, but not using the standard writing system for this word or providing romanisation. Definition not linked.
mg:wikt:へいわ Partially Defined correctly, but not using the standard writing system for this word or providing romanisation.
mg:wikt:カトリック Partially No romanisation. Definition not linked.
mg:wikt:东北 Partially No romanisation.
mg:wikt:侈 No Definition missing, only has romanisation.
mg:wikt:溫度 No Chinese entries defined as "heat"; should be "temperature". KO correctly defined, but missing/misrepresenting hangul (primary script) and romanisation.
mg:wikt:等しい No Defined as "be able to support, defeat"; should be "equal". Wrong part of speech. No romanisation. Definition not entirely linked.
mg:wikt:落戶 No Defined as "to cut off/settle/decide/rule"; should be "to settle (down); to obtain a hukou". No romanisation.
mg:wikt:骨質 No Defined as "bone"; should be "bone tissue; sclerotin". No romanisation.