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Requests for comment/Local group of global abusefilter users

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The following request for comments is closed. The request was eventually archived as inactive.


Splitting from Requests for comment/Local group of abusefilter helpers because some users said they'd support a creation of another group to let other users appart from stewards to manage global abusefilters. A proposed Global AbuseFilter policy mentions it. I'll organize this RFC on several sections. If we agree that such a group should exist, then we can move on the details of naming, appointment and demotion process, etc. This RFC should be mandatorily advertised via MassMessage or CentralNotice on wikis where the global abuse filter is enabled and can cause issues (currently all small and medium-sized wikis plus some others).

Q1: creation of a local group of global abusefilter managers[edit]

Do you support the creation of a local group with ability to modify global abuse filters?

Q1: Support[edit]

Q1: Oppose[edit]

Q1: Discussion[edit]

Q2: {...}[edit]