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Event naming scheme[edit]

The general naming scheme used for the Account Creation Referrals project is the following:

'ext.accountCreationReferrals@' + version + '-' + key

where version is the version number as set in the configuration file and key is the event label, as specified below.


Event IDs[edit]

Clicks on the "Create one" link from Special:UserLogin
Clicks on the "Create account" submit button
Impression of the account creation confirmation page

Additional data[edit]

The log should include as additional data (as the last field of each log record) a pipe-separated value: protection_level|page_title|rev_id|user_id.

  • protection_level: protection type of the referral page:
    • 0: unprotected
    • 1: semiprotected
    • 0: fully protected
  • page_title: title of the referral page, including namespace
  • rev_id: revision id of the referral page
  • user_id: id of newly created user (only available upon successful account creation)

Full list of events[edit]

Unless otherwise specified all events are tracked at 100%.


Log format[edit]

Clicktracking data is stored via a filter on emery using the following, tab-separated format:

enwiki ext.accountCreationReferral@0-create_account_button-submit_success 20120113013257 1 w4dtyfWSw714KsgmMAAkdC7isy8CmHvP9 -1 0 0 0 0 0|Pokémon|274278|156171

Log format specification[edit]

  1. project name (e.g. enwiki or ptwikisource)
  2. event name (as documented above)
  3. timestamp (in YYYYMMDDhhmmss format)
  4. user category: 1 for logged in users, NULL for anons
  5. user token: an anonymous token replacing user names or IP addresses
  6. namespace: (-1 for Special)
  7. lifetime edit count (0)
  8. 6-month edit count (0)
  9. 3-month edit count (0)
  10. last month edit count (0)
  11. additional data (protection_level,page_title, rev_id, user_id)

Data collection[edit]

Events and deployments that affected the collection of clicktracking data are documented here