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Ask a question[edit]

If you have a comment or question about research, here is you can contact us, in the order of preference:

  • All communications that can be shared publicly: the discussion page of Contact us.
  • If you strongly prefer email communications, please subscribe to Wikimedia Research's public list and send an email to that list. Make sure the subject of the email has the tag [WWRW] (an acronym for this project which reads Why We Read Wikipedia).
  • You can join us in Wikimedia IRC at freenode, in channel #wikimedia-research.
  • If your comment or question cannot be shared publicly, please send an email to leila(_AT_)

Request a presentation[edit]

We want to make sure the result of the research is as useful as possible for the Wikimedia community. If your community wants us to give a presentation about this research to you, please let us know by adding your language to the scheduling table. What we need to know from you is a set of dates that you have in mind, purpose of presentation, length of presentation, and some information about the audience. Please note that we cannot guarantee that we can make the presentation happen, but we will give it a try on our end. Also, note that the priority at the moment is given to the language communities the study is based on: ar, bn, de, en, es, he, hi, hu, ja, nl, ro, ru, uk, zh.