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Research:Editor Behaviour Analysis & Graphs/Ideas

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This page is a scratch pad of potential graphs & ideas.

Bytes Added

  • Bytes added split by the cohort - editors - month of first edit.
  • Bytes added split by the cohort - articles - month of first edit.
  • Non-reverted bytes added - editors/articles - month of first edit
  • Persisting words added - editors/articles - month of first edit


  • Distribution of edits/article. Per editor & aggregate. - Suggested by Shyamal.

Isochrone Graphs

  • A graph showing the time between edits for articles and editors, individually & aggregate.

Graphing Vandalism

  • A graph showing the edit activity of ClueBot, one of the most active anti vandal bot.
  • Graph the activity of other anti vandal bots.
  • Who are the vandals and where are they vandalizing ?
    • Graph the vandal editors & the articles vandalized.


  • Create the article/editor graphs using edits/per instead of edits/month. What happens when an active editor is defined as 1 edit/day?

Horizon Charts

  • Editor & article edit activity as horizon charts.

Using Categories to narrow an editors interest

  • Using the categories on an edited page to understand the broad interests of an editor.
  • High category/edit ratio = random edits?
  • How can this be graphed or used along with the other metrics.
  • Using the categories on an edited page to categorize editors.

Retention distribution

  • How does the retention change over time for the cohorts over the months since joining? Scatter plot.

Usage of Features

  • Map the usage activity of the VE & mobile editing, are they being used to equally for article creation & editing?
  • Translation tool.

Interwiki Activity

  • Flow of data/info between wikis.
  • Editor activity across multiple wikis.

Article Page Views

  • Plot page views on the article cohorts.




  • In the monthly activity by value/percentage graphs or other stacked bar graphs show the selection separately.
  • All the graphs need to show value, percentage and change on tooltip.
  • Normalize the axes for all the graphs, show the same X & Y on the respective axes.


  • The cohort & the month is getting mixed up on the monthly activity graphs.