Research:How do editors work anonymously?

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This question set is among the high level research priorities for the Wikimedia Summer of Research 2011. The full list is here, and this is categorized as "RQ5".


(RQ5.1) How have the edits of anon editors changed over time (in terms of nature and velocity)?

(RQ5.2) How have registration patterns of IP editors changed?

(RQ5.3) How do these trends differ in different languages?


(RQ5.4) Editors who work anonymously before registering will be reverted less.

How to answer[edit]

(RQ5.5) Develop IP editor cohort model, based on uniqueness prediction of an IP editor

(RQ5.6) Develop model for predicting sameness of an IP editor and a newly registered user

(RQ5.7) Measure and classify cohort activity

(RQ5.8) Survey Editors who have registered with accounts and ask them if they edited as an IP editor first and if so when and for how long (Problem. Editors who have been around a long time may not remember if they made a few IP edits before they created an account).