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Tome Egumenoski
This page documents a completed research project.

Key Personnel[edit]

  • Tome Egumenoski
  • Consulting Historians : Walter Pohl, and Aleksandar Donski.

In order to come in contact we will try to email the consultants hopefully this year.

Project Summary[edit]

To later write and publish a book explaining about the life and times of Karposh and 17th Century Macedonia, involving the Habsburg Empire (Austrian Empire).


The methods involved will be as follows :

1) Recruiting a Wikimedia/Wikipedia editor for an interview and survey.

The applicant must have some knowledge in the following areas or fields : Habsburg Empire, Austrian Empire, 17th Century Austrian Generals, 17th Century Austrian Empire, Baroque Period within the Austrian Empire, Baroque Austria, Emperor Leopold I, Karposh, Karposh Uprising, Karposh Rebellion, Macedonian History, 17th Century Macedonian History, Baroque Architecture in Ottoman Macedonia, Ottoman Macedonia, Kriva Palanka, Kratovo, Kumanovo and Macedonian lifestyle in Ottoman Macedonia.

2) The use of books and websites in relation to the topics above.

Some books will have to be borrowed from universities or local libraries.


I will be planning to share my findings through a written conclusion after the research. I will be later publishing my work with some illustrations and possibly there will be a citations/sources section towards the end of the book.

Wikimedia Policies, Ethics, and Human Subjects Protection[edit]

The project will not be forwarded to an institutional review board (IRB) as this will only be research for a non-fiction book.

Benefits for the Wikimedia community[edit]

This work will definately benefit the Austrian and Macedonian communities, especially university students still studying or have completed their studies in History. But it will only focus or cover a small area or areas of interest.


Will be from June, 2015 to June, 2016.

The main milestones will be to answer two questions relating to the Macedonian voivoda Karposh,(17th Century).


There are currently no funding or money for this project, but this will hopefully change.


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