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This metric measures the number of contributions the editor does every day. This is a basic metric both for retention and editing volume. The edit count is a more widely used metric within the community, but it lacks the temporal dimension. Moreover, the way the edit rate changes over the tenure of an editor is a valuable information that can tell us in advance how that editor will perform in the future.[1].



  • Easy to understand: average number of edit per day
  • Amenable to data mining for predicting future performance of an editor


  • Does not convey any information about edit quality nor editing style

Technical dependencies[edit]

Relevant tables to query:

  • Revision
  • Article feedback

Also (contains data from mid-2011 onwards):

  • UserDailyContribs (already grouped by day)


  1. See for example R:Editor_lifecycle for a longitudinal analysis of how the edit rate changes.