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Notes on data[edit]

Article deletion[edit]

Studies of[edit]

English Wikipedia[edit]

Butler et al. explored several aspects of English Wikipedia policy and conclude that "The deletion policy is written exclusively for administrators, for they are the only community members empowered to determine what pages should remain in Wikipedia and what pages should be removed." [1]

Lam et al. explored patterns in article deletion on the English Wikipedia.[2]

Lam et al. explored the effects of group composition on the quality (resilience) of article deletion decisions on the English Wikipedia[3]

Geiger found that articles tend to be tagged for speedy deletion within two minutes of creation and actually deleted within 34.5 minutes.[4]

Gieger & Ford looked at the reasons that many articles are deleted in the English Wikipedia and found it "[...] apparent that the vast majority of such deleted articles are not spam, vandalism, or 'patent nonsense,' but rather articles which could be considered encyclopedic, but do not fit the project's standards."[5]

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