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Snapshot of positions[edit]

Portuguese Wikipedia has similar positions as some of the other Wikipedias, and in fact many of the positions were adopted following the lead of the other Wikipedias. The breakdown of the five primary positions can be seen below.

Burocratas Verificadores Conselho de Arbitragem Administradores Eliminadores
Year started 2004 2007 2009 2004 2010
Primary responsibilities
  • Granting the status of administrator, bureaucrat, bot and eliminator
  • Removing the status of bot and eliminator
  • Renaming users
  • Checking user IP informations and login string
  • Conflicts between two or more users
  • Serious disregard of the policies and common practices of the community
  • Behaviors and situations which could affect the normal operation of the Lusophone Wikipedia
  • Protecting and unprotecting pages and edit protected pages
  • Deleting and undeleting pages or revisions
  • Blocking and unblocking users and IPs
  • Editing the edit filter
  • Granting and removing the flags of rollbacker, autopatrolled, confirmed editor and IP block exempt
  • Deleting and undeleting pages or revisions
Selection process Vote Vote Vote Vote Analysis of requirements by everyone (no need of right to vote) and final decision by bureaucrats.
Removal process 1 year term, removed if desysopped or Arbcom decision 1 year term, removed if desysopped or Arbcom decision 1 year term or vote (2/3 of support to remove) vote (1/3 of support to remove), Arbcom decision, sockpuppetry, legal theats, inactivity (less than 50 logs in 6 months) At discretion of bureaucrats, inactivity (less than 25 logs in 6 months)
# of target participants 5 + 3 alternates 3 + 2 alternates 5 + 2 alternates no superior bound no superior bound
  • Elections temporarily suspended
  • Relatively inactive
  • First policies brought in from EN:WP
  • Status first created for ptWiki, now also in use on hiWiki

Administrator workload[edit]

The number of administratores on is low when compared to other big language projects. The number of successful elections has declined over time. Between 2005 and 2007, ~30 new admins were elected each year. In 2008 the number decreased to 18, in 2009 only 13 admins were elected, and in 2010 this number decreased once again to 9. As of October 2011, 9 new admins have been elected. The number of request for block on administrators noticeboard has increased over time.

Workload areas[edit]

The following are areas that would indicate over-work required by admin.

Blocking Reversions Page protections

TBD :)

Total number of block requests for PT-WP has increased over time Admins share the reversion workload with Hugglers, but they still do over 50% of all reverting although they are less than 10% of total reverters. TBD :)

Comparison with other language projects[edit]

Note: These are from the last 6 months only, and compare only current sysops. Source: Toolserver

ptwiki frwiki eswiki itwiki
# active users
# edits per day
# admins 33 196 139 102
# admins >50 33 104 66 80
# blocks 3921 7478 9140 11059
# protections 3475 18969 2940 7437
# Meta-Wiki edit 751 632 202 369
# deletions 65392 78439 76372 65719
# imports 0 6 4 3
# right changes 217 58 174 141
# total actions 73666 105582 88787 84728

Number of administrative actions in the last semester as of October 18, 2011. The role admins >50 indicates the number of admins with at least 50 actions in the last 6 months.


  • Certainly the number of administrators on is lower than other language projects, even when we count only those administrators who fullfil the requirement of activity.
  • With such a low number of administrators, every administrator would have to be on line at least 5 hours per week in order there to be at least one online admin. each moment. This calculation consider that all administrators are online at disjoint periods of the week, so it is expected there to be periods of the day uncovered by the work of admins.

Next steps[edit]

  • Analyze the number of edits by administrators, mainly those made on wikipedia namespaces
  • Analyse the number of administrative actions over time, mainly those which are more likely to be controversial like blocks to well established users.
  • Analyze total block requests per admin over time
  • Look at trends in protection requests and permissions

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