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The MediaWiki API can be used by researchers to query databases and collect data for research purposes. Authenticated users have permissions that depend on the specific access level they are granted.

Special permissions for research purposes (including high API request limits or access to non-public data) can be granted by the Wikimedia Research team for projects that pose a clear benefit to Wikimedia.

WMF support code:

How to request special API permissions for research purposes[edit]

Requests to get special API permissions for research purposes can be submitted by creating a project page on this wiki.

Please include the following information with your request:

  1. the specific permissions you would like to obtain
  2. the motivation for requesting these permissions
  3. a short description of your research project (including external links if applicable)
  4. the name, affiliation and contact details of the main applicant
  5. the expected duration of the project

Once the page is created, please send the link to Dario Taraborelli ( so your request can be reviewed by the Wikimedia Research team.


Projects supported by the Wikimedia Foundation with special API permissions are expected to meet the following requirements:

OA (Gold) OA (Green) Open licensed output Open licensed data Open source code Reuse rights Documentation
Recommended Required Recommended Required Recommended Required Required