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Your help is wanted!

Volunteers wanted!

  • Are you a WikiWoman who wants to engage and inspire women around the world to contribute to Wikipedia and related projects?
  • Are you a friend and ally of women who has skills and tasks that the WikiWomen's Collaborative could benefit from?
  • Are you just super excited about this whole thing and you want to get involved!?

Then sign up here!!!

We're looking for volunteers who can help with a variety of tasks ranging but not limited to:

  • Curate content that will be covered in the WWC
  • Design and usability of the space
  • Gather and develop resources for new editors (i.e. written & video how-to's, etc.)
  • Blog writers (share your editing experience, profiling women editors and projects)
  • Promoting the space through social media & beyond

...and anything else that helps us meet our project goals.

Sign up![edit]

Share your username and what types of tasks and contributions you would like to make - large or small - to WWC.

  1. Geeth-blogging
  2. Rosiestep - 12 months/12 cities/WikiWomen's Collaborative editathon. Can't do it by myself...
  3. FloNight -
  4. Jenny Mikulay - blogging
  5. LoriLee - promotion, mommy outreach, blogging
  6. RexRowan - promotion
  7. Jenova20 - content creation, article expansion, and helping out here and there with minor mentoring.
  8. w:en:User:LadyofShalott - content creation, mentoring, local meetups, other?
  9. Orlady - small contributions only for the next few months, mostly in content and minor mentoring (but can I start inviting other women at Wikipedia?)
  10. Keilana - anything and everything. :D
  11. Gyoung
  12. SlimVirgin - I'd be willing to write, copy edit, help new editors with writing and sourcing, and anything else along these lines.
  13. Michelledavison I would love to participate by blogging and promotion via social media.
  14. tylas I am willing to help in anyway that I a can. :)
  15. Netha Hussain Blog writing, promotion on social media, gathering resources.
  16. Atropine blog writing, social media, translations in italian
  17. CaroleHenson - content creation, copy edit, mentoring,
  18. LQuilter (Laura Quilter) - content creation; mentoring; wiki promotion to women/underrepresented minorities.
  19. Invertzoo (Susan J. Hewitt) Mentoring women on English Wikipedia, blogging, local meetups maybe?
  20. Katharineamy (Kate) - not sure what I can do, but willing to try
  21. User:Mjblanco Extender WikiWomen en wikipedia en español.