Research:Wiki Ed student visual editor use

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Duration:  2016-05 – 2016-07
This page documents a completed research project.


Over time[edit]


It looks like students like to either use one form of editor or the other. There seems to be a bit more mixing of editors among frequent visual editor users. I would guess this may because there are certain tasks it either can't do or obfuscates to the point of requiring the source editor.


Q: Students are introduced to the visual editor in the editing-basics training module. How does the completion of this module impact students use of the editor?

A: There does not appear to be a significant relationship. The average trained student visual edit frequency is 0.64 while the average for untrained students is 0.64. Running a Mann-Whitney U test found no significance.

Examining the distribution visually also indicates no significant differences between the two populations.


This is interesting because students appear to act fairly independently of their class. We aren't seeing that everyone is using it or not using it. This would suggest that students are deciding whether they want to use it on their own.

Data Sets[edit]

Pending finding a place to host them