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This page documents a completed research project.

Key Personnel[edit]

Project Summary[edit]

The goal of this survey is to get feedback about and ideas for the Wikimania Scholarships process. This covers scholarships given by the Wikimedia Foundation, Chapters, and other organizations. Creating an ecosystem of feedback from our scholarship recipients and applicants could give us a lot of great insight! Some reasons for doing a follow-up analysis:

  • Ideas on how to improve the overall scholarship process
  • Capture stories from recipients to highlight in future years
  • Suggestions for the Wikimania team organizers


We will send via email a link to the survey to everyone who made it through round 1 (i.e., not spam) of the scholarship process (~800 people).

The survey will be hosted and administered via Qualtrics, which has hosted WMF surveys in the past with a secure format.


Information from the responses may be included on the Scholarships page on meta.

Benefits for the Wikimedia community[edit]

Per the purpose above, the benefit of this survey is that our survey process will become more effective and efficient: bringing high quality and high potential contributors together to make the global conference the richest experience possible.


End of July 2012: Send out survey (July 26)
End of August 2012: Close down survey (exact date TBD)
End of August 2012: Analyze and post results (exact date TBD)

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