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Matthew J. Salganik
Duration:  2011-12 – 2012-12
Open data project  Open data
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This page documents a planned research project.
Information may be incomplete and change before the project starts.

Key Personnel[edit]

Project Summary[edit]

This project is designed to collect and prioritize community ideas for fundraising banners to be used during the 2011 fundraiser.


The project will make use of a customized "wiki survey," a new form of social data collection we are developing that attempts to combine the quantification of a survey with the openness of an interview. For more on wiki surveys, please see, a free and open-source website created by our group that enables anyone to create and host wiki surveys.

Participants will be recruited by adding a link to the Wikipedia Banner Challenge from the thank you page that is shown after donations are complete. Other participants may be recruited through social media.

Participation in the Wikipedia Banner Challenge is entirely voluntary.


We are very interested in sharing our findings with the community. The most basic results will be available in real-time directly on the Wikipedia Banner Challenge webpage. Once the Wikipedia Banner Challenge is complete, we will post an anonymized data set for future analysis on this wiki. The data layout is as described on the All Our Ideas blog: Finally, we will make available, open-access, any journal articles that results from data collection in this project.

All the code for the Wikipedia Banner Challenge and the All Our Ideas project is open-source and available at

Wikimedia Policies, Ethics, and Human Subjects Protection[edit]

Participation is entirely voluntary, and we do not collect any identifying information.

Our procedures have been approved by the IRB of Princeton University, reference number 4783.

Benefits for the Wikimedia community[edit]

It is hoped that the output of this project will directly aid the fundraising efforts and result in increased contributions to the Wikimedia Foundation.

Time Line[edit]

December 2011: launch website

January 2012: post data on this page for analysis

December 2012: complete data analysis


The All Our Ideas project (, of which the Wikipedia Banner Challenge is a sub-project, is supported by Google Faculty Research Awards and grants from the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University.

All responsibility for the project rests with the investigator and not the funders.


Results from our project are summarized here:

Data availability[edit]

All data have been deposited into a third-party archive under the CC0 license. Here are links:


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