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Research:Wikipedia Readership Survey Pakistan

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This page documents a completed research project.

As pointed-out here, Wikipedia is the seventh most popular website in Pakistan. There are an average of 33 million monthly page views of Wikipedia from Pakistan, but despite all of this, Pakistan­ related topics are seriously under­represented in the encyclopaedia because only few visitors are making the effort to contribute back to Wikipedia what they get out of it.

An online survey is being conducting in November 2014 for a week targeting the Wikipedia readers from Pakistan, in order to understand readers and their relationship with Wikipedia. This survey will give comprehensive analysis of Wikipedia's readers from Pakistan.



The main purpose of this survey is to learn about readers of Wikipedia readers from Pakistan and to understand why they don't contribute.

  • Gather baseline demographic data about Wikipedia readers
  • Opinion about Wikipedia
  • Editing Behavior
  • Understand device ecology of Wikipedia readers

The report from the readership survey will be available on this page when it is ready. The survey data will be covered by the foundation’s privacy policies and anonymized and analyzed collectively. No IP address will be stored and no e-mail addresses or other contact details will be collected.