Research talk:AfC processes and productivity/Work log/2014-04-06

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Sunday, April 6th[edit]

Today, I need to extend my data gathering to the API. I had the XML dump processor running last night, but sadly, some runtime errors brought it down. I hope to both fix the dump extractor and test the api extractor today.

First, I fixed the XML extractor. I just had some strange pickeling issues when working with named tuples whose typenames did not match their variable names in the script's namespace. That was weird, but easy to fix.

Next I needed to extend my mediawiki-utilites data processing library so that it would understand list=deletedrevs calls to the API. That required a lot of testing and I ended up with some really weird issues since the query can return multiple pages. I'll have to be careful with how I use it. If you're curious about how it works, see my example script. --EpochFail (talk) 18:30, 6 April 2014 (UTC)[reply]