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References section on[edit]

"Italian and German language don’t use an exact “References” section heading. In Italian, “Bibliography” ("Bibliografia") serves as "References" about italian wikipedia is wrong. "Refences" section heading on italian wikipedia is called "Note" (second most frequent header on, "Bibliografia" is the equivalent of “Bibliography”.--Moroboshi (talk) 05:57, 9 December 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hi Moroboshi, this is about the actual use of the section as determined in each Wikipedia's guidelines and help pages, not about the literal meaning of the word. You are of course correct that in general, the word "bibliography" is the direct English equivalent of the Italian word "bibliografia". But on the Italian Wikipedia, that section is meant to be used for references in the sense of citations that support the actual article content (see it:Aiuto:Bibliografia: "deve contenere i riferimenti bibliografici utilizzati nella stesura dei contenuti" - my bolding). On the English Wikipedia, these are usually in the "References" section (sometimes also in "Notes"), so in that sense it's correct to say that the "Bibliografia" sections on itwiki serve the same purpose as the "References" sections on enwiki. On the other hand, it:Aiuto:Bibliografia also mentions a bibliography in the sense of general reading material about the article's subject as a secondary use for that section ("Essa può anche accogliere altre letture consigliate e/o riferimenti a bibliografie già esistenti sull'argomento"). The English Wikipedia's Manual of Style (en:MOS:APPENDIX) discourages the use of the "References" section for these, and recommends to use "Further reading" instead. So I have amended the text a bit to clarify these points, also regarding German Wikipedia (where "Literatur" is similarly used both for further reading and for - general - references supporting article content).
Regards, Tbayer (WMF) (talk) 02:50, 11 December 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Thanks, is more clear now. Another difference: on links to sister project are in External links heading section, but on are in their own section "Altri progetti" (Other projects, third top section heading on, see Aiuto:Altri progetti.--Moroboshi (talk) 08:23, 11 December 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Voci correlate on[edit]

On section "Voci correlate" is the equivalent of english "See also". --Holapaco77 (talk) 20:43, 12 December 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Good work! Thank you :)--Reem Al-Kashif (talk) 15:33, 17 December 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Would it be posible to have a new investigation?[edit]

...Updated to today? User:Tbayer (WMF), User:Zareenf --Sailko (talk) 15:02, 8 February 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]