Responding to the Critics

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The lastest Kuro5hin article about Wikipedia prompted quite a few negative comments. Some of these comments were constructive and useful, while others were off the mark. How should we, as a community, respond?

By working on Wikipedia, of course. Larry has spent quite a bit of time responding of Kuro5hin; good, that's part of his job. A couple of other Wikipedians have joined in. But ultimately, our best response is to keep working on this project, improving the breadth and depth of our articles. We should be thankful for any comments that make good points (problems with current articles, questions about software and data formats), and use them to improve Wikipedia. As for the less-than-useful comments (it's a useless project, there's already Everything2, it'll never work...), don't let them discourage you. Just ignore them. As we expand and shape Wikipedia, we'll demonstrate that such criticisms are empty words. No other response is required. -- STG

I wish I had more time to do some weeding myself, but I know I can't do it all. So, yes, monitoring Recent Changes and keeping people honest, teaching our community habits and standards, etc., is probably the best thing we can do right now. I'll be responding to K5 a bit more. --LMS

A page that addresses each criticism that we think is likely to be raised, perhaps? For example, someone criticized the quality of Wikipedia articles. We could have prepared in advance an article called Wikipedia commentary/Wikipedia quality that can answer this objection before it is raised. I'm going to start that page right now... - Tim

That sounds really groovy! Basically, we need a Wikipedia/Our Replies to Our Critics page. --LMS

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