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Retreat 2006 Strategic plan

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This document lists responsibilities of individuals and committees following the board retreat held in Frankfurt, october 2006. For actions to be taken by the Board as a whole, see Retreat 2006 Board actions and outcomes.

Organizational Development[edit]

Many actions were proposed for the reorganisation, some of which depends on board decisions, others on individual actions. General directions are 1) board expansion, 2) refactoring bylaws (including mission), 3) advisory board, 4) ED search, 5) Refactoring of committees, 6) Clarification of Foundation and chapters relationships

  1. Reorganization plan (periodic updates) (TS)
  2. Budget development (BP, November 15, 2006)
  3. Ad hoc advisory group for Board expansion (JW, November 22, 2006)


Board participants suggested to hire the following people. This has not been approved by the board. BP must provide a budget by nov 15, upon which the board will decide where the priorities stand.

  1. Chapters liaison (November 15, 2006)
  2. Donor relations (ASAP) (BP, DW)
  3. Public relations (add)
  4. Business development (December 31, 2006)

Executive hiring[edit]

  1. Search firm identification (November 30, 2006 December 15, 2006)
  2. Job description (ED Search Com) (November 30, 2006 December 15, 2006)


  1. Identify function of each ml, current versus desired participants (comcom, march 07)
  2. Creation of a Domain Names workgroup (was added immediately after the retreat - asap)


  1. retreat for brainstorming and develop strategy (tech com - dec 06)

Program development[edit]

  1. Refactoring the Event Committee (TS, asap)
  2. Develop regional conferences and programs (chapters and event com)
  3. Share best practices (chapter - march 07)
  4. Wikimania scope definition (EventCom, march 07)
  5. Educational partner relationships
  6. Project charters (contact leaders of each project)
  7. New languages (wikicouncil - march 07) ?


  1. Structure of committee (comcom, 31 dec)
  2. Guidelines PR/SPAM/CEO (assessment, issues) (dedicated working group to set up) june 2007

Legal & Legal Policy[edit]

All within responsibility of GC as they see fit.

  1. GFDL license enforcement
    • removed for confidentiality reasons
  2. Litigation
    • removed for confidentiality reasons
  3. Trademark acquisition
    • removed for confidentiality reasons
  4. Trademark usage policy + misuses
    1. for chapters BP 31 of december
    2. for others
  5. Terms and conditions BP march 07


  1. Budget (see above)
  2. CiviCRM installation (BP) Timeline: Now
  3. Donor relations hire (is this DW or other role?)
  4. Support from communications committee

Committee structures[edit]

  1. Clarify scope of each committee to act/direct
  2. Specify scope of committee role
  3. Detail and organize reporting and inter-committee communication
  4. Structure to invite 'viral' professionalism
  5. Future expansion once functioning effectively

Chapters structures[edit]

  1. Collect and clarify guidelines for chapter creation (done?) Resolution chapter creation, Agreement between chapters and Wikimedia Foundation (chapcom, 22 nov)
  2. Get support from Legal
  3. UK chapter recognition (chapcom, asap)