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Community member Sage Ross shares advice in this Multimedia Roundtable

A roundtable discussion on multimedia took place on Wednesday, December 4, 2013 at 10am PST (18:00 UTC), over Google Hangouts. Read more below.

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We will update this page shortly to provide more information on that roundtable.

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The goal of this roundtable was to improve Wikipedia's multimedia tools with community participation -- and gain new insights from these conversations.

Roundtables are an experiment to develop new forms of collaborations between community members and Wikimedia product teams. Learn more about this community engagement program on the Roundtables page.


Multimedia Roundtable 5 Slides

This two-hour discussion brought together 15 media-savvy participants to discuss how to create a better multimedia experience on Wikipedia and Commons.

We talked about new ways to view, discover, contribute, curate or use media files on Wikipedia -- and grow our audio-visual knowledge base.

We started our meeting by presenting a vision of multimedia on Wikipedia in 2016 (see slides) -- and discussed pros and cons of proposed features. We then focused on several new projects we're working on:

  • media viewer
  • file feedback
  • video formats
  • campaign tools

For each project, we asked participants to review current goals and guide our next steps.

Here are the slides we viewed together during the meeting, to guide our discussion.


Here is our agenda for this two-hour event:

All times above are Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)


This roundtable brought together 15 media-savvy participants with a wide range of backgrounds and interests. They joined from various locations in North America and Europe, using Google Hangouts video conferencing tools.


This roundtable consisted of 8 community members:

  1. Susanna Ånäs
  2. David Cuenca (Micru)
  3. Michael Dale
  4. Peter Kaufman
  5. Sage Ross
  6. Daniel Schwen
  7. Sarah Stierch
  8. Brian Wolff

Wikimedia Foundation

This roundtable involved 7 Wikimedia team members:

  1. Fabrice Florin - Facilitator / Product manager
  2. Pau Giner - Interaction designer]] (1)
  3. Mark Holmquist - Software Engineer
  4. Keegan Peterzell - Community liaison (1)
  5. Gergo Tisza - Software engineer (1)
  6. Jared Zimmerman
  7. Aaron Arcos - Notetaker / Volunteer software engineer
  8. Julie Trias - Technical director

(1) Joined via Google Hangouts


This roundtable was held over Google+ Hangouts, which lets users join right from their computer, using their own webcam. The Wikimedia Foundation uses Hangouts regularly and finds this tool useful for teleconferencing with others across the globe -- even though we wish it were open source ;o).

We recorded this meeting using Google+ Hangouts OnAir and you can watch the full video here:

In coming days, we plan to feature more footage on Commons, so that other community members may benefit from what we learn together.

This documentation is intended for transparency reasons, as well as to insure better knowledge transfer with other community members.


Here are some of the photos and screenshots from this roundtable.

For more visual documentation, watch the video on YouTube.


We invited participants to write down notes throughout the roundtable, to augment our discussion. Here is our shared notepad, which includes these participant notes, as well as comments from the Google Hangouts chat.

We also posted this rough transcript of key points made throughout the meeting. Note that most of the participant comments in this rough document are paraphrased, not actual quotes. A full transcription would be required for a more accurate record of what was actually said.

This page will be expanded after the roundtable has happened, with videos, notes and other outcomes from this roundtable.

Now that this event is over, we encourage participants to add their final notes about this roundtable on this discussion page.