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Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) usage by MediaWiki on the backend and web browsers on the frontend faces a couple obstacles, but things are looking better.

Native browser support[edit]

As of June 2010, browser support was quite high for SVG 1.1, with all latest browsers supporting over half of the W3C test suite. Opera scores 95.44%, Google Chrome 89.23%, Safari 82.48%, Mozilla Firefox 82.30%, and Internet Explorer 59.64%.

Plugin issues[edit]

See W3C list for the most recent list.

  • Adobe SVG Viewer - The most full-featured SVG plugin, with several additional features
  • KSVG - Support for a lot of SVG features in the K Desktop Enviroment
  • YASB Viewer - RO IT Systems. Experimental, pre-Alpha, open-source SVG viewer
  • xsvg open source viewer for the X Window System
  • SVG# SharpVectorGraphics An open source viewer written for the .Net platform, in C#
  • motjuvie A free (GPL) viewer with some nifty features: window alphablending, window transparency, enhanced scripting, ...
  • Amaya - W3C editor and browser with partial native SVG support

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