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This page lists all installed fonts on Wikimedia servers available to SVG rendering. For many common fonts not listed here font substitution is applied. Popular fonts like Arial and Times New Roman have substitutes with metric equivalent letter size.

List of available fonts[edit]

The following fonts are available for SVG rendering on the Wikimedia servers, as of 2014-04-16. This is a sorted and formatted view of (Last full import here: Monday 11 January 2016). Expressions in brackets are Aliases.

See [1] to identify these fonts.

font-family font-styles Source License
aakar medium
Abyssinica SIL Regular [2] w:SIL Open Font License
AlArabiya Regular
AlBattar Regular
AlHor Regular
AlManzomah Regular
AlYarmook Regular
Amiri Quran Regular
Amiri Regular, Bold, Slanted, Bold Slanted
Ani (অনি Dvf) Regular [3]?
AnjaliOldLipi Regular [4] w:SIL Open Font License
Arab Regular
AR PL UKai CN (大陆楷体) Book [5] (dead?)
AR PL UKai HK (香港楷體) Book "
AR PL UKai TW MBE (台灣楷體+台灣方言音符號) Book "
AR PL UKai TW (台灣楷體) Book "
AR PL UMing CN (大陆细明体) Light "
AR PL UMing HK (香港細明體) Light "
AR PL UMing TW MBE (台灣細明體+台灣方言音符號) Light "
AR PL UMing TW (台灣細明體) Light "
Arab Regular
Bandal (반달) Regular Debian ttf-alee
Bangwool (방울) Regular Debian ttf-alee
Chandas Regular
cmex10 Regular
cmmi10 Regular
cmr10 Regular
cmsy10 Regular
Cortoba Regular
David CLM Bold
David CLM BoldItalic
David CLM Medium
David CLM MediumItalic
DejaVu Sans Bold, Book, Oblique, Bold Oblique debian fonts-dejavu-core Copyright, Arev Fonts Copyright, Public Domain
DejaVu Sans Mono Bold, Book, Oblique, Bold Oblique debian fonts-dejavu-core Copyright, Arev Fonts Copyright, Public Domain
DejaVu Serif Bold, Book, Italic, Bold Italic debian fonts-dejavu-core Copyright, Arev Fonts Copyright, Public Domain
Dyuthi Regular
Electron Regular
esint10 regular
eufm10 Regular
Eunjin Nakseo (은진 낙서) Regular Debian ttf-alee
Eunjin (은진) Regular Debian ttf-alee
Ezra SIL Regular
Ezra SIL SR Regular [6]
Furat Regular
gargi Medium debian ttf-devanagari-fonts
Garuda Bold, BoldOblique, Book, Oblique [7] Freeware
Granada Regular
Graph Regular
Guseul (구슬) Regular Debian ttf-alee
Hadasim CLM Bold
Hadasim CLM BoldOblique
Hadasim CLM Regular
Hadasim CLM RegularOblique
Hani Regular
Haramain Regular
Homa Regular debian package fonts-farsiweb
Hor Regular
Jamrul Normal
Japan Regular
Jet Regular
KacstArt Medium
KacstBook Medium
KacstDecorative Medium
KacstDigital Medium
KacstFarsi Medium
KacstLetter Medium
KacstNaskh Medium
KacstOffice Medium
KacstOne Bold, Regular
KacstPen Medium
KacstPoster Medium
KacstQurn Medium,Regular
KacstScreen Medium,KacstScreen
KacstTitleL Medium,Regular
KacstTitle Medium
Kalimati (नालिमाटी) Regular (कालिमाटी)
Kalyani Book
Kayrawan Regular
Kedage Bold, BoldItalic, Normal, NormalItalic
Keter YG Bold, BoldOblique, Medium, MediumOblique
Khalid Regular
Khmer OS Battambang Regular
Khmer OS Bokor Regular
Khmer OS Content Regular
Khmer OS Fasthand Regular
Khmer OS Freehand Regular
Khmer OS Metal Chrieng Regular
Khmer OS Muol Light Regular
Khmer OS Muol Pali Regular
Khmer OS Muol Regular
Khmer OS Regular
Khmer OS Siemreap Regular
Khmer OS System Regular
Kinnari Bold
Kinnari BoldItalic
Kinnari BoldOblique
Kinnari Italic
Kinnari Medium
Kinnari Oblique
Liberation Mono Bold, Bold Italic, Italic, Regular [8] w:SIL Open Font License
Liberation Sans Bold, Bold Italic, Italic, Regular [9] w:SIL Open Font License
Liberation Sans Narrow Bold, Bold Italic, Italic, Regular [10] w:SIL Open Font License
Liberation Serif Bold, Bold Italic, Italic, Regular [11] w:SIL Open Font License
Likhan Normal
LKLUG Regular
Lohit Assamese Regular
Lohit Bengali Regular
Lohit Gujarati Regular
Lohit Hindi Regular
Lohit Kannada Regular
Lohit Kashmiri Regular
Lohit Konkani Regular
Lohit Maithili Regular
Lohit Malayalam Regular
Lohit Marathi Regular
Lohit Nepali Regular
Lohit Oriya Regular
Lohit Punjabi Regular
Lohit Sindhi Regular
Lohit Tamil Regular
Lohit Telugu Regular
Loma Bold, BoldOblique, Book, Oblique
Mallige Bold, BoldItalic, Normal, NormalItalic
Manchu Regular (Normal, obyčejné, Standard, Κανονικά, Normaali, Normál, Normale, Standaard, Normalny, Обычный, Normálne, Navadno, Arrunta)
Mashq,Mashq\-Bold Bold
Mashq Regular
Meera Regular
Metal Regular
MgOpen Canonica Bold, Bold Italic, Italic, Regular
MgOpen Cosmetica Bold, Bold Oblique, Oblique, Regular
MgOpen Modata Bold, BoldOblique, Oblique, Regular
MgOpen Moderna Bold, BoldOblique, Oblique, Regular
Miriam CLM,מרים Bold,כבד
Miriam CLM,מרים Book,קל
Miriam Mono CLM Bold
Miriam Mono CLM BoldOblique
Miriam Mono CLM Book
Miriam Mono CLM BookOblique
Mitra Mono (মিত্র) Regular
mry_KacstQurn Regular
msam10 Regular
msbm10 Regular
Mukti Narrow,মুক্তি Regular
Mukti Narrow,মুক্তি পাতনা,Mukti Narrow Bold Regular,Bold
Nada Regular
Nafees (Nafees Web Naskh) Regular
Nagham Regular
Nakula Regular
Nazli Bold, Regular debian package fonts-farsiweb
Nice Regular
Norasi Bold, BoldItalic, BoldOblique, Italic, Oblique, Regular
Noto Sans Armenian Regular, Bold
Noto Sans Devanagari Regular, Bold
Noto Sans Ethiopic Regular, Bold
Noto Sans Georgian Regular, Bold
Noto Sans Hebrew Regular, Bold
Noto Sans Lao Regular, Bold
Noto Sans Tamil Regular, Bold
Noto Sans Thai Regular, Bold
Noto Sans UI Regular, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic
Noto Sans Regular, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic
Noto Serif Armenian Regular, Bold
Noto Serif Georgian Regular, Bold
Noto Serif Lao Regular, Bold
Noto Serif Thai Regular, Bold
Noto Serif Regular, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic
Nuosu SIL Regular
ori1Uni,utkal Medium
Ostorah Regular
Ouhod,Ouhod\-Bold Bold
Padauk Bold, Regular
padmaa-Bold.1.1 (padmaa, padmmaa) Bold.1.1 (bold, medium)
padmaa (padmmaa) Normal (regular, Medium)
Petra Regular
Phetsarath OT Regular
Pothana2000 Regular (Pothana2000)
Purisa Bold
Purisa BoldOblique
Purisa Medium
Purisa Oblique
Rachana Regular
RaghuMalayalam Sans
Rasheeq,Rasheeq\-Bold Bold
Rehan Regular
Rekha Medium
rsfs10 Roman
Saab Regular
Sahadeva Regular
Salem Regular
Samanata Regular
Samyak Devanagari Regular
Samyak Gujarati Regular
Samyak Oriya Regular
Sarai Regular
Sawasdee Bold, BoldOblique, Oblique, Regular
Scheherazade Regular
Shado Regular
Sharjah Regular
Simple CLM Bold
Simple CLM BoldOblique
Simple CLM Medium
Simple CLM MediumOblique
Sindbad Regular
Stam Ashkenaz CLM Medium
Stam Sefarad CLM Medium
suruma Medium
TakaoExGothic,TakaoExゴシック Regular
TakaoExMincho,TakaoEx明朝 Regular
TakaoGothic (Takaoゴシック) Regular (標準)
TakaoMincho (Takao明朝) Regular (標準)
TakaoPGothic,Takao Pゴシック Regular
TakaoPMincho,Takao P明朝 Regular
TAMu_Kadambri Regular
TAMu_Kalyani Regular
TAMu_Maduram Normal
Tarablus Regular
Tholoth Regular
Tibetan Machine Uni Regular
Titr Bold debian package fonts-farsiweb
TlwgMono Bold, BoldOblique, Medium, Oblique
TlwgTypewriter Bold, BoldOblique, Medium, Oblique
Tlwg Typist Bold, BoldOblique, Medium, Oblique
Tlwg Typo Bold
Tlwg Typo BoldOblique
Tlwg Typo Medium
Tlwg Typo Oblique
TSCu_Comic Normal
TSCu_Paranar Bold, Italic, Regular
TSCu_Times Normal
Ubuntu Bold, Italic, Regular, Bold Italic ttf-ubuntu-font-family[12] Ubuntu Font Licence (similar OFL)
Ubuntu Condensed Regular ttf-ubuntu-font-family[13] Ubuntu Font Licence (similar OFL)
Ubuntu Mono Bold, Bold Italic, Italic, Regular ttf-ubuntu-font-family[14] Ubuntu Font Licence (similar OFL)
Ubuntu,Ubuntu Light Light Italic,Italic Ubuntu Font Licence (similar OFL)
Ubuntu,Ubuntu Light Light,Regular Ubuntu Font Licence (similar OFL)
Umpush Bold
Umpush BoldOblique
Umpush Book
Umpush Light
Umpush LightOblique
Umpush Oblique
UnBatang,은 바탕 Bold
UnBatang,은 바탕 Regular
UnBom (은 봄) Bold, Regular
UnDinaru,은 디나루 Bold
UnDinaru,은 디나루 Light,Bold
UnDinaru,은 디나루 Regular
UnDotum,은 돋움 Bold
UnDotum,은 돋움 Regular
UnGraphic (은 그래픽) Bold, Regular
UnGungseo,은 궁서 Regular
UnJamoBatang (은 자모 바탕) Regular
UnJamoDotum (은 자모 돋움) Regular
UnJamoNovel (은 자모 노벨) Regular
UnJamoSora (은 자모 소라) Regular
UnPenheulim (은 펜흘림) Regular
UnPen (은 펜) Regular
UnPilgia,은 필기a Regular
UnPilgi,은 필기 Bold
UnPilgi (은 필기) Bold, Regular
UnShinmun (은 신문) Regular
UnTaza (은 타자) Regular
UnVada,은 바다 Regular
UnYetgul (은 옛글 ) Bold,Regular
Vemana2000,Pothana2000 Regular,Pothana2000
Waree Bold, BoldOblique, Book, Oblique
wasy10 Normal
WenQuanYi Zen Hei Mono,文泉驛等寬正黑,文泉驿等宽正黑 Regular
WenQuanYi Zen Hei Sharp,文泉驛點陣正黑,文泉驿点阵正黑 Regular
WenQuanYi Zen Hei (文泉驛正黑, 文泉驿正黑) Regular

The font selections "sans-serif" and "serif" are generally good choices, as they do not impose a specific font on the renderer, making the SVG more portable. However, this may cause alignment and positioning issues as the font actually used varies from system to system.

Tip: if you absolutely want to use a font that is installed on your computer but not on the server, you can convert the text to a path. For example, with Inkscape, you can use the command "Path -> Object to path" or "Shift+Ctrl+C" after selecting the text. However, the text is not stored as text any more, so that it is more difficult to modify or copy-paste. Also, for any significant amount of text, the file size can be increased dramatically.

Installed font packages[edit]

The installed font packages are:

Non-Truetype fonts
  • ghostscript-fonts (from distro)
  • tetex-fonts (from distro)
  • urw-fonts (from distro)
Western TrueType fonts

DejaVu fonts are an effort by the open source community to extend the basic Latin font Bitstream Vera to Unicode coverage so it covers more characters and other alphabets.

CJK TrueType fonts
Indic script TrueType fonts

All of the South Asian fonts are Lohit fonts released by Red Hat maintained by the Fedora Project. (Website & Download)

  • fonts-bengali-1.10-2 (Fedora Core 4)
  • fonts-gujarati-1.10-2 (Fedora Core 4)
  • fonts-hindi-1.10-2 (Fedora Core 4)
  • fonts-punjabi-1.10-2 (Fedora Core 4)
  • fonts-tamil-1.10-2 (Fedora Core 4)


Main article: c:Help:SVG#fallback

Rendering of generic font families
The generic font families cursive and fantasy are not really supported (as you can see here replaced as sans-serif and Homa font).

defined font Wiki-fallback
[-no definition-] Liberation Serif
[-everything unknown-] DejaVu Sans
serif DejaVu Serif
sans-serif DejaVu Sans
monospace DejaVu Sans Mono
cursive DejaVu Sans
fantasy DejaVu Sans
Arial Liberation Sans
Times New Roman Liberation Serif
Courier New Liberation Mono

Example rendering[edit]

Rendering of fonts

Complete list[edit]

complete list of fonts

Latin (basic) fonts comparison[edit]

MediaWiki SVG font list.svg

Russian Cyrillic fonts comparison[edit]

MediaWiki SVG font list Russian Cyrillic.svg

Japanese fonts comparison[edit]

Japanese fonts comparison

Chinese fonts comparison[edit]

Chinese fonts comparison

Korean fonts comparison[edit]

Korean fonts comparison

Arabic fonts comparison[edit]

Arabic fonts comparison

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