San Diego Wikimedians User Group/2021 Annual Report

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2021 annual report for San Diego Wikimedians User Group.

This page will provide a report of activates which the user group engaged in from 4 August 2020 until 3 August 2021.


While there are numerous individuals who have been active on various Wikimedia projects who live within the user group's geographic scope, the number of those individuals who have been active within the user group has stayed steady. That said the number of users who are active within the user group has grown by one, and we are happy to have Alan.


Events have been held during each month during this year long reporting period. Virtual/online meetups occurred in 2020 in September, October, November, and December; this continued into 2021, with virtual/online meetups occurring in February, March, April, and May. Virtual/online meetups occurred concurrently with in-person meetups in 2021 in June, and July. In-person only meetups occurred in September 2020, January 2021, March 2021, and June 2021.

Community outreach[edit]

The user group has reached out to local military history organizations, within the user group's geographic scope, ahead of the 175th anniversary of the Battle of San Pasqual in the hopes of doing a joint event in December. In person events were held in Balboa Park to increase general population outreach. We hope that the follow reporting period will be more fruitful in being able to partner with various organizations within the user group's geographic scope to hold events that will benefit the various open knowledge projects of Wikimedia.


The user group had no active grants during this reporting period. Near the end of the reporting period, the user group proposed a grant relating to the virtual 2021 Wikimania.