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PHP logging

EventLogging::logEvent( 'HelpPanel', 20877001, $event );

extension.json setup for JavaScript logging

	"attributes": {
		"EventLogging": {
			"Schemas": {
				"HelpPanel": 20877001

JavaScript logging

mw.track( 'event.HelpPanel', { /* ... */ } );
From Meta, a Wikimedia project coordination wiki
Revision 20877001
description"Logs interactions with the help panel or the post-edit panel displayed to new editors by the GrowthExperiments extension"
description"Action the user took: - impression: Help button is shown to user - open: User opens panel - close: User closes panel - ask-help: User advances from the home panel to the ask-help panel (formerly called the question review panel) - general-help: User advances from the home panel to the general-help panel - suggested-edits: User advances from the home panel to the suggested-edits panel, which contains suggestion-specific guidance content - back-home: User goes back from the ask-question panel, general help panel, or suggested edits panel to the home panel - back-general-help: User goes back from the search panel to the general help panel - link-click: User clicks a link in the panel - enter-question-text: User enters text into the question field - submit-attempt: User clicks the button to submit their question - submit-success: Question is successfully submitted - submit-failure: Question submission fails - cog-open: User opens the cog menu - cog-close: User closes the cog menu - search: User searches help content - search-focus: User focuses the search input - guidance-tab-click: User clicks on one of the tipset tabs in the suggested edits panel. - peek-impression: User sees the mobile peek (used on article pages during the suggested edit workflow). - peek-tap: User taps on the mobile peek to open the help panel. -peek-dismiss: User dismisses the mobile peek. - postedit-impression: postedit panel is shown to the user - postedit-close: postedit panel is closed by the user - postedit-link-click: one of the postedit panel buttons is clicked by the user - postedit-task-click: the task card in the postedit panel is clicked by the user"
description"Additional data for certain actions: For action=impression and action=peek-impression: - taskType: type of the suggested edit task (only when the user is in the suggested edit workflow). For action=link-click: symbolic name of the link being clicked. This could be: - suggested-edits-faq: The link to the suggested edits feature FAQ on mediawiki.org - help-desk: The link to the help desk on the ask-question panel - view-more: The 'view more help articles' link on the general help panel - view-question: The 'view your question' link in the question complete panel - special-change-email: The link or button pointing to Special:ChangeEmail in the question complete panel - special-confirm-email: The link or button pointing to Special:ConfirmEmail in the question complete panel - special-preferences: The 'disable this tool in preferences link' in the settings dropdown - more-about-this-feature: The 'more about this feature' link in the settings dropdown - search-result-N (where N is an integer): The Nth search result in the search mode of the general help panel; N starts at 1 - guidance-TASKTYPE-tipset-N: a link in the contents of the N-th tab =1-based) of the guidance for the given task type. - One of the IDs configured in $wgGEHelpPanelLinks, for the configurable links shown on the general help panel For action=submit-attempt: an object consisting of the following fields: - question_length: character count of the question - include_title: whether the option to include the title was used - had_email: whether the user had an email address set when before posting the question - had_email_confirmed: whether that address was confirmed For action=submit-success: an object consisting of the following fields: - revision_id: revision ID of the edit adding the question For action=guidance-tab-click and action=guidance-tab-advance: - taskType: task type ID - tabName: tab name For action=postedit-impression: - type: 'full' when the panel is shown with a task card, 'small' when the panel is intentionally shown without a task, 'error' when the task is omitted due to some error. - newcomerTaskToken: (type=full only) a token that can be used to connect this to a NewcomerTaskImpression event. - error: (type=error only) error message - savedTaskType: type of the suggested edit task that has just been saved - userTaskTypes:(type=full only) the user's task type (difficulty) filter settings (array of strings) - userTopics: (type=full only) the user's topic filter settings (array of strings, omitted when not filtering for topics) For action=postedit-task-click: - newcomerTaskToken: a token that can be used to connect this to a NewcomerTaskImpression event. For action=postedit-link-click: symbolic name of the link being clicked. This could be: - homepage: return to homepage button - edit: edit again button"
description"The user id."
description"The total number of edits of the user."
description"The context in which the panel appears: during editing, during viewing a page, as a notice after saving, or on the homepage."
description"The type of editor used by the user. For context=editing, this is the editor being used right now. For context=postedit, it is the editor that was used for saving the page. For context=reading, it is the best guess what editor the user is going to use."
description"Whether the page being viewed is a suggested task. (This roughly means that the user navigated there via the suggested edits interface.) Omitted on the homepage."
description"Whether the mobile site is being used."
description"ID of the page the user is attempting to edit."
description"Full title of the page the user is attempting to edit, including namespace (wgPageName format). This is needed to log edit activity on redlinks, as pageId is not available."
description"Namespace ID of the page the user is attempting to edit."
description"Whether the user is allowed to edit the page. This will be false if e.g. the page is protected or the user is blocked."
description"For protected pages, the permission level required to create, edit, or move the page. Unset for unprotected pages."
description"Session token that survives across pages (mw.user.sessionId()), but not browser restarts, used in deterministic user bucketing. This will only be set for client-side (JavaScript-generated) events, for server-side events the value will be an empty string."
description"One-time token per page load. This is like page_token and has the same behavior, but it isn't obtained through getPageViewToken(), so its value is different."