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Latest comment: 11 years ago by S Page (WMF) in topic spage comments/changes

In use[edit]

used by revision When deployed active hosts notes
GettingStarted (code inE3Experiments' openTask) 4993508 2013-01-10 enwiki returnto as well as tasks. events loaded into SQL table starting 2013-01-15
test only 4910146 2012-12-26 testwiki
GettingStarted (code inE3Experiments' openTask) 4876947 2013-01-02 enwiki initial funnel on clicks

Disabled in 2013-01-10 deployment which enabled similar funnels for Schema:GettingStarted.

spage comments/changes[edit]

returnTo, not referrer[edit]

On the welcomecreation page, the user sees "Return to Sandbox". I think you want to log this. It's not "referrer" which will be Special:Userlogin?type=signup page

  • it should be called returnTo. onboarding.js logs the title of the link, similar to OpenTask's article.
  • Note that from a redlink, the title may be "Page Title (page does not exist)", which means edits to Page Tile won't be noted.
works for me, for redlinks maybe we can still store the title by reading the parameter but then create a separate flag? Does this belong to Schema:Onboarding or Schema:AccountCreation ? --DarTar (talk)
  • maybe there should be a separate returnToExists boolean, which I'll set to false. But there are issues if the page is a Special page
just set returnTo to NULL? --DarTar (talk)

protection status[edit]

DarTar would like to know the protection status of the page (which ones?).

  • I think server-side code can get this with $this->getTitle()->quickUserCan( 'edit' ), with the caveat "May provide false positives, but should never provide a false negative." probably because it calls userCan() with $doExpensiveQueries=false.
    • might be able to determine the protection status for the returnTo page on the server in welcomecreation
What if we move this part to ACUX and log clicks on Create account links as per this card? --DarTar (talk)
  • Client-side can't tell on its own. It could log mw.config.get[ 'wgRestrictionEdit' ].join( ' ' ), wgRestrictionEdit contains things like 'autoconfirmed' or 'admin'.

userName and userID?[edit]

Why log both? -- S Page (WMF) (talk) 05:48, 7 December 2012 (UTC)Reply

authenticated should be anon[edit]

The user isn't "authenticated". The right name is "anon": short, accurate, and matches mw.user.isAnon(); we should change Schema:OpenTask too. -- S Page (WMF) (talk) 05:48, 7 December 2012 (UTC)Reply


Details on Research:Onboarding new Wikipedians/Logging