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Maintainer:Aaron Halfaker & Matt Flaschen
Project:Research:Onboarding new Wikipedians
Purge:Auto-purge just eventCapsule PII after 90 days, keep the rest indefinitely

This new schema replaces Schema:GettingStartedNavbar for the OB6 iteration of Onboarding.

New kinds of page[edit]

From commons:File:GettingStarted workflow.svg, the four pageKind states the user can be on user page are

  • return-nonarticle wherein nothing happens
  • return-editing, wherein the user returns straight into editing
  • return-editable , which shows a CTA inviting user to [Edit this page] (with a tour) or [Find pages that need easy fixes]
  • return-protected, which shows a CTA inviting user [Find pages that need easy fixes]

GettingStarted does not log these page kinds, researchers have to infer them from information about the page in the 'redirect-invite-impression' action event.

Funnel changes[edit]

It drops logging of the page-editing 'returnto' funnel, wherein the user is shown Special:GettingStarted, clicks [← No thanks, return to the page I was reading] and may edit that page.

Should it even log the click ?

The user's bucket indicates if the 'gettingstarted-copyedit' page-editing funnel was initiated from Special:GettingStarted (control) or the pop-up CTA on the returnTo page (test).

The new 'redirect' funnel is only for the test case, and is only initiated if the user clicks [Edit this page] in the CTA. If the user dismisses the CTA, it doesn't log subsequent page-editing.

Should it even log the click on _No thanks, maybe later_ ?
No, it should not. Steven Walling (WMF) • talk 19:37, 19 August 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

isNew dropped[edit]

The isNew (i.e. user just created an account) field is gone. This means we can't exclude events and edit funnels initiated by the user returning to Special:GettingStarted. Since we are disabling notifications inviting users to return to SDpecial:GettingStarted, there should be fewer of these.

I think this okay. Steven Walling (WMF) • talk 19:37, 19 August 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Remove full edit funnel logging?[edit]

Documenting the current revision where I removed the full edit funnel and other events, like navbar actions. The general new goal would be to generate edit quality and productivity statistics for test and control cohorts, and generate these cohorts based on test/control users who saw or clicked a given call to action (in a modal or the Special page).

The new funnel:

  1. Test users should be something like redirect-page-impression with pageNS and isEditable as key values. Control users should always be gettingstarted-specialpage-impression, which test users should not have.

There are a few options for logging page impressions with/without the CTA identified….

  • returnto-page-impression on all. On ones that also see the invite, do a gettingstarted-invite-impression as well.
  • returnto-page-impression on all. Boolean indicating if they saw the invite, no gettingstarted-invite-impression at all.
  • returnto-page-impression if they didn't see the invite. Otherwise, gettingstarted-invite-impression if they did.
  • Clicking Special:GettingStarted's 'No thanks, return to the page I was reading' does not log a click (or set up a funnel).
  • Clicking the CTA pop-up's _No thanks, maybe later_ link logs a redirect-invite-click with no funnel.
  • Like always, Account creation is not logged in this schema. It is handled by Schema:ServerSideAccountCreation.