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Maintainer:Jon Katz & Sam Smith
Team:Reading - Web
Project:Mobile Wikimedia sites
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gerrit:178287 in December 2014 decommissioned this, from commit message:

The MobileWebClickTracking table is getting huge. Splitting it into several schemas will make it easier to manage.
The new schemas are:

Index of names[edit]

Watchlist click tracking[edit]

  • watchlist-a-z-switch
    • On watchlist user switched from a-z to feed view
  • watchlist-a-z-view
    • On watchlist user went to read an article listed on the a-z view
  • watchlist-a-z-unwatch
    • On watchlist user unwatched an article on A-Z view
  • watchlist-a-z-watch
    • On watchlist user watched an article on A-Z view
  • watchlist-feed-filter
    • On watchlist user clicked a filter on the feed view (e.g. filtered to talk or other namespace)
  • watchlist-feed-switch
    • On watchlist user switched from feed to a-z view
  • watchlist-feed-view
    • On watchlist user clicked on a link to a diff

Diff page click tracking[edit]

  • diff-view
    • On diff page user visited the page that was changed
  • diff-user
    • On diff page user visited the user page/profile page (depends on mobile mode) of the editor
  • diff-thank
    • On diff page user clicks the thank button

Main Menu click tracking[edit]

  • hamburger-home
    • User clicked on the home link in the 'hamburger' menu
  • hamburger-random
    • User clicked on the random link in the 'hamburger' menu
  • hamburger-nearby
    • User clicked on the nearby link in the 'hamburger' menu
  • hamburger-watchlist
    • User clicked on the watchlist link in the 'hamburger' menu
  • hamburger-uploads
    • User clicked on the uploads link in the 'hamburger' menu
  • hamburger-settings
    • User clicked on the settings link in the 'hamburger' menu
  • hamburger-profile
    • User clicked on the profile link in the 'hamburger' menu
  • hamburger-logout
    • User clicked on the logout link in the 'hamburger' menu
  • hamburger-login
    • User clicked on the login link in the 'hamburger' menu


  • hamburger
    • User clicked on the 'hamburger' menu
  • search
    • User clicked on the search input
  • notifications
    • User clicked on the notifications link
  • lastmodified-profile
    • Clicks profile link in last modified bar
  • lastmodified-history
    • Clicks history link in last modified bar
  • page-history [retired]
    • Measured clicks to the history link in the page content when history link was at bottom of page.
  • page-toc-toggle
    • User collapses / opens table of contents
  • page-toc-link
    • A link in the table of contents is clicked.
  • languages
    • Clicks to the language button
  • reference
    • A reference link is clicked
  • nearby-button
    • User clicks a link at the bottom of the page to see articles near the position of the actual article
  • category-button
    • A link that opens the Category overlay in alpha at the bottom of the page