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Maintainer:Jon Katz & Sam Smith
Team:Reading - Web
Project:Mobile Wikimedia sites
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0.5 (50%) of all clicks inside the main menu are tracked (yes this is the default and the actual rate we use in production!). It uses mw.eventLog.Schema based on session id, and covers both logged-in and anonymous users.

This ratio may vary by site (but doesn't at current time) as it is configurable by $wgMinervaSchemaMainMenuClickTrackingSampleRate. However, this configuration value is ignored when the user has enabled AMC mode (see https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T218627).

Main Menu click tracking[edit]

  • hamburger-home
    • User clicked on the home link in the 'hamburger' menu
  • hamburger-random
    • User clicked on the random link in the 'hamburger' menu
  • hamburger-nearby
    • User clicked on the nearby link in the 'hamburger' menu
  • hamburger-watchlist
    • User clicked on the watchlist link in the 'hamburger' menu
  • hamburger-uploads
    • User clicked on the uploads link in the 'hamburger' menu
  • hamburger-settings
    • User clicked on the settings link in the 'hamburger' menu
  • hamburger-profile
    • User clicked on the profile link in the 'hamburger' menu
  • hamburger-logout
    • User clicked on the logout link in the 'hamburger' menu
  • hamburger-login
    • User clicked on the login link in the 'hamburger' menu