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Scratch olympiad 2018

The Scratch Olympiad is a contest of programming for kids and for students of all around the world.

Who can participate?
  • Individually and/or creative teams of students of educational institutions, as well as students of pedagogical specialties and pedagogical workers.
  • Age groups of participants:
    1. st. group: 7-8 years old,
    2. nd. group: 9-10 years old,
    3. th. group: 11-12 years old,
    4. th. group:13-14 years old,
    5. th. group:15-18 years old,
    6. th. group: Students of pedagogical specialties and pedagogical workers (over 18 years old).
  • If a participant from the younger age group is ready to carry out tasks from the older age group, he can submit his work, but he will be evaluated on a par with the participants in the nominated category. Participants from higher grades cannot apply to the nomination for junior grades.
  • Each participant can submit only one application in one of 7 nominations.
  • The participant of the Olympiad who performs the Olympiad task individually submits the work as a file with the extension .sb2. If the work was done on this site, then to participate in the Olympics, the participant downloads the work to the site and submits the work as a file with the extension .sb2
How to participate?

To know how to participate you have just to read carefully the rules. and if you have a question you can ask us at this talk page.

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