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  1. Winners and prize-winners are determined in the following age groups: 1-2 classes (7-8 years old), 3-4 classes (9-10 years old), 5-6 classes (11-12 years old), 7-8 classes (13-14 years), grades 9-11, 1-2 courses of institutions of secondary vocational education (15-18 years old), students of pedagogical specialties and pedagogical workers (over 18 years old).
  2. All participants who submitted a full application on time receive electronic certificates "Participant of the third part-time International Scratch-Olympiad on Creative Programming in 2019".
  3. The winners of the Olympiad will receive diplomas of 1,2 and 3 degrees from the correspondence International Scratch-Olympiad in creative programming in 2019 (nomination, age category).
  4. If the scores coincide, the winners will be several participants (teams), but not more than 5.
  5. Mentors of the wards who won prizes will be awarded with letters of thanks from the organizing committee of the Olympiad.