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SecurePoll 界面截图

SecurePoll 是维基媒体项目中用于管理选举的工具。自2009年以来,它一直是维基媒体社区重大选举的首选选举工具,这些选举任命了与维基媒体基金会管理相关的有影响力的职位,包括维基媒体基金会董事会资金传播委员会


Overview of the MediaWiki extension SecurePoll and the voting methods it supports as of July 2023.


There exists additional documentation on how to use the software for Board elections on Wikitech.

使用 SecurePoll 进行维基媒体选举

维基媒体基金会工作人员监督使用 SecurePoll 进行与维基媒体基金会相关的选举。

SecurePoll 目前不可用于一般用途。几乎没有任何文档可供阅读,也不清楚它是否可供任何人根据要求使用。


Elections for which SecurePoll is used

The following elections have made use of SecurePoll in the past. Some of these are regularly held for legacy reasons.

Election Community Timing Frequency Next scheduled election
Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees Global July–August Every ~2 years August 2024
English Wikipedia Arbitration Committee elections English Wikipedia December Every year December 2023
Farsi Wikipedia Supervisory Board elections Farsi Wikipedia October Every year October 2022
Wikimedia Ukraine Board and Audit Committee elections Wikimedia Ukraine February Every year[note 1] none
Movement Charter Drafting Committee Global October 2022 One-off none
U4C Charter Global October 2023 One-off October 2023
Chinese Wikipedia admin elections Chinese Wikipedia Various One-off[note 2] none
  1. Wikimedia Ukraine requested the use of SecurePoll in 2021 as a temporary replacement for their traditional, in-person vote.
  2. This election was originally held as a trial in 2021. See phab:T295518 for more information. Since then, elections have been held on an ad-hoc basis.