Setswana Wikipedia Challenge 2011

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The Setswana Wikipedia Challenge 2011 is an effort to boost content creation in the seTswana language using a prize-bearing writing (and translation) competition. The challenge takes place in Botswana. It is supported by the Wikimedia Foundation and Google Inc.

A detailed timeline, contest rules, etc., are available in the Challenge's home page, by Google.


This Challenge solicits original or translated Wikipedia articles in Setswana. The list of articles to be written or translated was provided and approved by the organizers and judges.

Wikimedia's Involvement[edit]


Mr. Oscar Limoke, a volunteer Wikimedian from Kenya and a veteran of the Kiswahili Wikipedia Challenge of 2009, has traveled to Gaborone to deliver two one-day training sessions, one for the judges who will be evaluating submissions and selecting the winners, and one for the participants.

Trademark permission[edit]

The Wikimedia Foundation has granted Google permission to brand the competition with Wikimedia's trademarks.



  • For general inquiries about this program, please write to Asaf Bartov at

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