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Setswana Wikipedia Challenge BW 2022

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Setswana Wikipedia challenge BW 2022 is the main leading page for the Setswana Wikipedia Edit-a-thorn challenge which is launched as part of the Annual Grant.

The aim of the campaign is to increase creation and editing of articles in Setswana to improve and promote writing content in our local language. It was discovered that there is a huge gap of content creation in our local language Setswana and this particular project is meant to address such concerns. The campaign will be open allowing participants to create content in Setswana about anything as long as that has something to do with Botswana.

Link to the setswana portal page: Wikipedia ya Setswana


Connect your Wiki account to the Dashboard[edit]

IMPORTANT: join the Wikipedia Challenge BW 2022 Dashboard

Details of Activities[edit]

The Project is designed into three main interventions being the Launch, training and edit-a-thons. The project is targeting everyone and anything about Botswana out there..

  • Preparation and Planning: September 2022
  • Project launch : 28 September 2022
  • 1st Training Sessions: 15 October 2022 (In-person)
  • 1st online Training Session: 19 October 2022
  • 2nd Online Training Session for beginners: 20 0ctober 2022
  • Edit-a-Thorn Training and Uploading Sessions -22 October 2022 (In-person)
  • Reconciling the Setswana Wikipedia Challenge Edit-a-Thorn challenge 2022 Content and Prize Presentation for the best 3 contributors- Mid November

Social Media Channels[edit]

Red List[edit]

Check out the Setswana Wikipedia challenge Red list here: Setswana Wikipedia Red list

Setswana Wikipedia Launch in Pictures[edit]

We hosted a community outreach workshop Setswana Wikipedia Launch at the University of Botswana, Library Auditorium, where we discussed our experiences on how we are contributing towards localisation in our difference fields, community building, open source contributing and self development.

  • Date of event 28th of September 2022
  • Speakers were Thapelo Otlogetswe, Louisa April, Tshepo-Jamillah TJ Moyo and speakers from the great club Gaborone Breakfast Toastmasters Club.
  • Theme for the launch was “The Evolution of Open Source and power of localisation”.

First In-Person Training Session in Pictures[edit]

First training session guiding volunteers how to create Wiki accounts, and edit in Setswana.

Setswana Wikipedia Challenge online Training[edit]

Below pics show regular group trainings were held for the community of the First Setswana Wikipedia Challenge Round competition

Second Setswana Wikipedia Challenge online Training[edit]

This was the second round competition to encourage more contribution and editing of articles in Setswana by the community followed up with regular online trainings and one on one virtual trainings.

Second In-Person Training in Pictures[edit]

Second round was an in person training which was to re-introduce the Setswana Wikipedia Challenge to the community as a second round competition and also to attract new editors to the community and grow.

The Librarian Workshop in Pictures[edit]

We collaborated with the University of Botswana Librarians to host a day in-person Setswana Wikipedia Training which they were able to be a part of the Setswana Wiki Challenge editathon competition.