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Shared Knowledge/Staffing plan 2016

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For the upcoming year we plan to continue working with two employees: a Chief Programme Manager and an Administration Manager. The Chief Programme Manager is a professional position assigned to efficient, successful and timely execution of the projects and activities as well as promoting the work of the organisation to external parties. The Administration Manager is a professional position assigned to ensuring legal compliance by collaborating with external parties as well as preparing documentation for internal use.

The main duties of the Chief Programme Manager are the following:

  • finding prospective partners, negotiating all aspects of the collaboration and creating agreements with the subject in question;
  • creating and cultivating contacts with institutions, organisations and individuals for cooperation;
  • managing projects, acting as liaison and coordinating with the individuals and other subjects involved;
  • organising supplies and services necessary for the projects and seeing that they respond on time;
  • operative planning of the execution of projects in terms of helping individuals get involved in performing project duties and tasks;
  • monitoring activities, offer encouragement and help whenever needed;
  • organising events and promotional activities for the projects and the movement;
  • holding lectures and trainings about the movement;
  • reporting on activities on regular basis and be held accountable for the work.

The main duties of the Administration Manager are the following:

  • making contracts and preparing other documentation needed;
  • making bank transfers for all purposes and reporting on regular basis about the bank account balance;
  • calculating taxes, preparing tax reports and submitting them to the Public Revenue Office;
  • preparing documentation on statutory changes, preparing financial statements and cultivating contacts with the Central Registry;
  • following changes in legislature, informing the membership about the changes and working towards compliance with them;
  • organising team building sessions and workshops about activity management and human resource management.

Administrative working We would like to keep up with the timely and efficient administrative working. For that purpose, we will need certain things that will improve the working conditions and the communication with our colleagues and institutions.We think it is necessary to have an office where we can work and use the space for organising trainings.In adition, we would like to mention that we will need two laptops and monthly bus passes for the Administrative Manager and the Chief Project Manager. We are also satisfied with our collaboration with the accounting services and we intend to work with them in future. Because of the quality of work we are planing activity managment, where we can see the overall working of the employees and their deadlines. Also there are plans for organising team building which will improve the working atmosphere in order to have better cooperation with the employees and the volunteers.