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Silesia is a geographical and historical region in central, or possibly eastern, Europe. Little more is known about this area, due to a unique paranormal phenomenon. Discussing, living near, or even hearing about Silesia can lead apparently healthy wikipedians to engage in a perpetual string of insults and edit wars. Silesia may not exist.

Almost nothing about Silesia can be established to be fact, including exactly where it is, and what historically happened there. In particular, little is known about whether Nazi genocide ever happened in Silesia, or which nations it borders. Whether it ever belonged to, or was controlled by, any national or subnational entity is unclear. Whether people of any distinct ethnic identity, or whether ethnicity exists at all, changes in Silesia every third Tuesday of the month depended on the weather, with alternating parking on holidays.

The reason for the paranormal effects of discussing Silesia is not known; even the West Bank is not capable of matching its effects. It is possible that a Silesian cousin of the Loch Ness Monster exists, or there may be some sort of reptile conspiracy preventing Wikipedia from incorporating any objective information at all about Silesia.

It is also possible that the entire region is alive, and its edit war-causing emissions are a natural defense mechanism, preventing a hypothetical predator from discovering its location via Wikipedia.