Single User Login finalisation announcement/Timeline

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Metrics for success:[edit]

  • Number of rename requests
    • Should increase (due to communications), then decrease down to 0 over time (as those requests are handled)
  • Number of clashing accounts
    • Should be monotonically decreasing (as renames are handled)

Rough projected timeline:[edit]

12 Feb
Emails to all accounts with valid email addresses that have not confirmed their email addresses and migrated their account(s), telling them to merge their accounts by Special:MergeAccount. ~81,000 emails to send.
Timescale: 2-3 days, ~7,900 sent on the first day as a trial run (emails for testwiki, wikibooks, wikinews, wikiquote, and wikisource were sent out), 639 accounts merged within the first four hours (the daily average for the past week was around 23)
16-20 Mar
Talk page messages to all affected users, one per account per wiki, using server-side MassMessage. It will be localized 100% in at least 20 languages, with translations partial and full available for the linked full announcement in 64 languages.
Timescale: Likely hours
Took about three days
27 Mar
Assess rename queue
Empty from the backlog after messaging
01–02 April
Assess go/no-go
15-29 Apr
Start SUL scripts
Timescale: Hope for three days, expect a week, plan for two weeks
29 Apr
Be done
Timescale: ~4 billion years