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Single login Unified login
This is an archived proposal for the implementation of single user login. For more information, see the single login documentation page.
inactive_name (local)(pre)| active_name (global)(post)
local:User:Foo999     | User:Foo999   (associated)
local:User:Foo111     |                    (unassociated)
                          | User:Foo111   (unassociated)     
local:User:Sock333    | User:Sock 
local:User:Sock444    | User:Sock (multiple association)
User:Foo              | User:Foo  (global reattributed)
  1. Pre: If theres a conflict (no agreement), larger number of edits gets the choice (caveat:bots).
  2. Trans: Allow temporary trustees to make symbolic links.
  3. remaining users must re-register, and the "you snooze you lose" policy determines name conflicts. (Weeding out inactive accounts, whos owners dont care much anyway. Global reattribution for uncontroversial cases only)
  4. Post: Full re-attribution of inactive_name edits can be done on request per local context.