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* New projects process




  1. ウィキメディアの多言語プロジェクトの作成や大幅な変更、および終了の要求を確認することがこの委員会に委任される業務です。
    1. 重要な修正の例としては、プロジェクトの合併や分割、採用、ロゴの変更などがあります。
    2. 多言語プロジェクトとは、ウィキメディア・プロジェクト全体と同様に、コンテンツ用に特に定義された言語を持たないプロジェクトです。
      1. Examples of "not multilingual": en.wikipedia.org, simple.wiktionary.org.
      2. Examples of "multilingual": wikimania.org, commons.wikimedia.org, the Wikibooks project.
  2. Provide community members with support regarding its mandate.
    1. Deliver feedback for improving proposals.
    2. Contribute guidance on options for incubating projects (e.g. Wikispore).
    3. Facilitate consultation of technical needs with the Technology Council.
    4. Ensure the wide distribution of proposals through venues such as CentralNotice, local Village Pumps and mailing lists.
  3. Develop implementation plans for approved sister projects.
    1. Liaise with the Technology Council in tasks such as reserving relevant domain names.
  4. Publish an Annual Report and regularly document its operations publicly.


  1. The Sister Projects Committee reports to the Global Council.
    1. Its decisions may be vetoed by the Council. However, the Council may not decide in issues within its mandate without previously consulting the Sister Projects Committee, unless the Committee lacks quorum.


  1. The Committee is comprised of eight voting members (including one Chair and one Vice-Chair), two observers, and one Global Council liaison.
    1. Until the Global Council is established, the Committee is to have one Board of Trustees liaison.
    2. The Committee may appoint additional liaisons as appropriate.
  2. The Chair breaks ties among Committee members.
  3. The Vice-Chair assumes the role of the Chair in their absence.
  4. The Chair and Vice-Chair are to be selected through a majority vote of Committee members.


  1. Quorum is set at five members.
  2. In the absence of quorum, the Global Council has jurisdiction over the Committee's mandate.


  1. Members of the Committee serve for a term of two years.
  2. Members may serve for a maximum of three consecutive terms.
  3. The Global Council issues a call for nominations:
    1. at the expiration of a term, and
    2. upon the resignation of a member.
  4. The Global Council appoints Committee members.


  1. This Charter may be amended through community consensus.